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People Camp Out for Days to Snag a Georgetown Liquor License

Amir Yeroushalmie ate a Big Mac this morning on a chair in front of his tent outside the Reeves Municipal Center at 14th and U streets NW. He would have ventured farther than the McDonald's across the street for sustenance, but he couldn't leave his tent for too long. Yeroushalmie, a developer in D.C., is […]

Stay Out Drinking an Hour Later Tomorrow Night

Bars, restaurants, and nightclubs will be able to sell booze until 4 a.m. Sunday morning—an extra hour than the usual last call on weekends. This is the first daylight saving time in D.C. where businesses don't have to register with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and pay a fee to extend their hours. Previously, liquor-serving […]

Restaurants Can Now Make and Sell Their Own Booze

Will distillery pubs soon be the new brewpubs? A recently enacted D.C. law allows restaurants to distill their own liquor on premises or next door, the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration announced today. The distillery pub permit, which is also available to tavern, nightclub, and hotel licensees, allows establishments to sell the liquor they produce for on- […]

Bandolero Owners’ Son Charged With Felony Assault of Fellow Employee

Cody Umbel, the son of and an employee of Bandolero owners Jonathan and Bethany Umbel, has been charged with felony assault for allegedly punching one of the restaurant's food runners in the face. The incident allegedly took place at Bandolero around 2 a.m. on Oct. 6. According to a police affidavit and an interview with Y&H, […]

Let The Bad Times Roll: H Street NE’s Most Hated Restaurant Closes After Tax Troubles, Lawsuits, and a Food Fight

Just before midnight on July 19, a dispute erupted at TruOrleans on H Street NE over whether a large party was overcharged for its margarita-heavy tab, which totaled about $1,000. “Fuck this bill,” one patron in a teal tank top told a manager as the group started to leave, the manager says in a report […]

Where to Drink Late at Night During Inauguration Week, Mapped

View Inaugural Late Drinking 2013 in a full screen map Ready to party until 4 a.m.? Tonight through Jan. 22, more than 150 bars in D.C. will be able to serve booze until 4 a.m. and stay open as long as they want. The Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration approved the extended hours as part of […]

Shaw’s Tavern Gets Its Liquor License, Finally

The new owners of beleaguered boite Shaw's Tavern just announced some big news via Twitter: "We got it. The liquor license is finally in our hands. We will announce the night time opening date soon. Cheers!" For more on the Florida Avenue eatery's long-standing saga over its beverage program, click here and here and here. […]

Still Without Booze, Shaw’s Tavern Reopens

Now under new management, D.C.'s most infamous dry tavern will resume food service. No, you still can't get booze there. Not yet, anyway. Operators of the languishing saloon Shaw's Tavern announced the reopening on Facebook: "Dear Friends, As we are patiently waiting for our liquor license to be issued we have decided to open our […]

Echoes of Shaw’s Tavern Fiasco at Engine Company 12

When Shaw's Tavern ran afoul of city liquor rules last year, resulting in the Florida Avenue eatery's abrupt closure, it prompted immediate speculation about the fate of Engine Company 12, the proposed three-floor restaurant and bar at the old firehouse on North Capitol Street and Quincy Place. That's because both businesses had the same proprietor: […]

Can Uniontown Be Preserved?

On a recent Tuesday evening, the 36-seat Uniontown Bar & Grill is standing room only. It’s karaoke night. The vibe is revelatory and loud. And, just like in the heady days after it became Anacostia’s first real sit-down restaurant in recent memory, no one is talking about the eatery’s latest turn in the media. Patrons […]