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Chronicling the Death of Fro-Yo

The trend is losing steam.

The Danish Gets Some Love at Bakers & Baristas, Opening Next Week

Move over, cupcakes. Danishes are coming to down.

A First Look at Red Light Cocktail and Dessert Bar

Red Light, a new cocktail and dessert bar whose name winks to 14th Street NW's past reputation for prostitution, is set to open April 10. But owner Aaron Gordon wants to make something clear: "It's by no means an homage. No one's proud of the fact that we had a city of streetwalkers in this […]

New Cocktail and Dessert Bar Pays Homage to Logan Circle’s Prostitution Past

Up until now, restaurateur Aaron Gordon hasn't said much about his new concept replacing Bar di Bari on 14th Street NW, except that it will be called Red Light. It turns out that the name is in fact a reference to the neighborhood's "colorful past as a red light district in the nation’s capital." The cocktail […]

Bar di Bari Will Close at the End of This Weekend

Last call for coffee and pastries at Bar di Bari. Restaurateur Aaron Gordon is closing down his "European-style" cafe on 14th Street NW to make way for a new undisclosed concept on Sunday, Jan. 26. Still no word on exactly what Gordon will replace Bar di Bari with except that it will be called Red […]

European-Style Cafe Bar di Bari Now Open on 14th Street NW

The 14th Street NW restaurant frenzy continues. Restaurateur Aaron Gordon of Drafting Table, Fat's Shorty's, and the troubled Zeke's DC Donutz opened his newest eatery, Bar di Bari, on the busy corridor over the weekend. The name is an homage to Bari, Italy, where Gordon's family comes from. The European-style cafe with 55-seat outdoor patio serves coffee and baked goods by day and transforms […]

Mr. Yogato Owner Eyes Zeke’s DC Donutz Space For Goofy Restaurant and Bar

It's by no means a done deal, but Mr. Yogato owner Steve Davis is setting himself up to potentially take over the Dupont space that's home to Zeke's DC Donutz.  After neighbors and the landlord complained about doughnut fumes at Zeke's, the shop closed last month in order to resolve ventilation issues. The landlord, Grosvenor Urban Retail, even filed a lawsuit over […]

Zeke’s DC Donutz Closes—for Now

Not everyone likes the smell of fresh doughnuts, it turns out. Zeke's DC Donutz has closed—temporarily—in order to address complaints from its landlord and neighbors about the fried dough fumes. Owner Aaron Gordon explains that the Dupont Circle space does not allow for a normal hood above its fryers, which would bring the heat, odor, […]

Cupcake Diplomacy: Why D.C.-Area Eateries Are Opening Franchises in the Persian Gulf

Red Velvet Cupcakery owner Aaron Gordon thought it was a scam the first time he was contacted about opening a shop in the Middle East. “Dear Mr. Aron,” began an email from Malik Awan in January 2010. “We would like to open dialogue with you for the opening of Red Velvet within Qatar’s prestigious project—The […]

Sausage Fest: Fat Shorty’s Opens in Clarendon Tomorrow

Want to try rattlesnake or alligator? They'll be available in sausage form at Fat Shorty's, a casual sausage, mussel, and beer spot replacing Rabbit Grill in Clarendon. Restaurateur Aaron Gordon, who owns eateries like Drafting Table and Zeke's DC Donutz, is partnering with Rahman "Rock" Harper of Hell's Kitchen fame on Fat Shorty's (an homage […]