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Bacon and Eggs at WHC Caf

Glenda Davis drove to the Washington Hospital Center this morning from La Plata with her husband, Larry, and his brother, Terry. They set out early, at around 5:30 a.m., for a scheduled procedure to see if Larry had any arterial blockage—he had been complaining of shortness of breath, and a stress test came back abnormal. […]

“Give Us a Break on the Food”

The G-Level cafeteria in the Washington Hospital Center may be the nicest hospital cafeteria in the city. It operates on a station model, which means that instead of waiting in one, long indefinite line, diners can hop from the smoothie bar to the soup and salad bar, and then double back and hit up the […]

One Baker’s Excess

Brian Lam at Sticky Fingers Bakery on Park Road in Columbia Heights says the store is very careful not to waste leftovers: "Basically we try and conserve so that we don't have too much leftover at the end of the day." Owner Doron Petersan adds that there are plenty of ways for the vegan bakery […]

Martha’s Table Soup: “Robust”

Martha's Table doesn't whip up a vat of soup the way you and I do. They don't decide, Hey, let's do a lentil with sausage and some fine spices, and then go out and procure the ingredients. The process at D.C.'s industrious soup kitchen works in the opposite direction. Ingredients come first, type-of-soup decisions follow. […]

Real-Time Cooking Tips!

Correspondent Ruth Samuelson has been dispatched to scan the brains of the world's most prolific unfamous cooks, in search of ways to improve your culinary existence. The following tip comes from Monica Thomas, a personal chef who does everything from prepared meals for families to cooking for dinner parties to teaching a personal-chef class at […]

When There’s No Money for Coffee

George Callaham woke up this morning and made breakfast for himself and his daughter. The presentation featured eggs, scrapple, and croissants. But he didn't eat any, because he was upset with his fiancee for having stayed out late last night, clubbing. "As long as my daughter eats, I'm happy," says the 32-year-old Callaham. He ought […]

Peanut M&Ms: Perfect Replacement for a Meal

Ricardo Thornton has had a bit of a rough morning. A friend of his was having trouble with her arm. The medication that she got after a hospital visit wasn't easing the strain that she was feeling. So at around 11:10 a.m., Thornton and his ailing companion arrived at the Washington Hospital Center emergency room […]

Better Know a Sandwich Artist: Shuva Sharma

Shuva Sharma takes the bus to Subway. The 31-year-old sandwich artist from Nepal lives downtown and practices his profession at the Subway location at 3275 M St. NW, right in the middle of the Georgetown maw. He's here on a one-year work visa and lives with his brother, a Starbucks employee. The ride to work […]

Fast Food: Haste Makes Waste

Chain burger joints in dense Adams Morgan are hopping all day long, and often well into the night. So what happens to all those burgers and fries and crispy apple pies after the doors close? "We just waste it," says Troy Bright, the manager of the McDonald's at Columbia Road and 18th Street NW. Well, […]

John Camp, Financial Disaster

Observe: John Camp, Financial Disaster Mixed media: Monopoly money, screen, foam core, cardboard, 2008, 7.5 × 2 feet Make sure to check out the drink at Urbana Restaurant & Bar (2121 P St NW).