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The Y&H Golden Rule: Give Everything a Shott Once

The news that Washington City Paper’s food editor, Chris Shott (pictured above), was leaving to return to New York, where his family lives, led us to do some soul searching. How were we going to survive the cut-throat world of freelance food journalism without his steady, guiding hand? What were we to do without the […]

Weekend Feed: Rasika in Downtown D.C.

Rasika 633 D St., Washington, DC 20004 (202) 637-1222 Rasika has done something to Indian food that it seems like no one else has: It’s made it modern. And, apparently, that’s what people have been dying for. “I lunched at Rasika for Restaurant Week and was extremely pleased.” “From the modern décor, including glass chandelier […]

Weekend Feed: Old City Café & Bakery

Old City Café & Bakery 1773 Columbia Road NW, Washington, DC 20009 (202) 232-1322 If Old City Café’ falafel bar seems suspiciously similar in style and spirit to another, Adams Morgan-based falafel joint, there’s a reason. Before striking out to start his own business, Old City founder Walid Abuelhawa was a chef at neighboring Amsterdam […]

Weekend Feed: Churreria Madrid

Churreria Madrid 2505 Champlain St., Washington, DC 20009 (202) 483-4441 Aside from mainlining blubber directly into your veins, fried dough might be the worst thing that you can put into your body. But if you’re willing to sacrifice some of the remaining elasticity in your arteries, Churreria Madrid’s churros are worth a try. You certainly […]

More Real-Time Food Tips

Ruth Samuelson, in residence with personal chef Monica Thomas, keeps churning out little tidbits: *Don't buy any tomato larger than a grape before July. Right now, in fact, is the worst time of the year to be bothering with tomatoes. Grape tomatoes: The only variety that's good year-round. *Stay healthy. If you're cooking meat, or […]

Battling Through Breakfast @ WHC

James Robinson, 37, sits on a wood bench outside the Washington Hospital Center's main entrance. His right hand is completely bandaged up. His left arm has an empty IV port sticking out of it. Robinson has a complicated story as to why he's here. Last Thursday night, Robinson received a series of harassing cell phone […]

Vets Abandon VA Cafeteria

John Thomas and Colonel Boaz, both 56, Vietnam vets, and wheelchair users, place a lot of value in a smile. Thomas has been at the VA Medical Center at 50 Irving St. NW for a year and four weeks. He has gone through difficult back surgery and is waiting on a prosthetic leg. Boaz has […]

Better Know a Sandwich Artist: Farzana Afroz

A woman at the Subway sandwich shop on Good Hope Road SE has a special request. She wants the $5 footlong sub, with a twist. She wants to switch out the ham in the footlong club for the roast beef. That's an upgrade—only eight sub categories are eligible for the $5 come-on. The request puts […]

Better Know a Subway Customer

If the Subway located at 1100 New Jersey Ave. SE were anywhere else besides the retail Dead Zone that is the Navy Yard, its status as the busiest Subway in the District of Columbia might actually mean something. As it is, the title means that along with the Five Guys next door and the popcorn […]

Another Real-Time Tip!

More from Tip Correspondent Ruth Samuelson, who's out in the field with personal chef Monica Thomas. Here's the knowledge: *Meatloaf, if cooked in a normal, average loaf pan, will take an hour to cook. Timesaver: Cook it in a muffin tin. Twenty minutes, tops.