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Pork Me Another One, Please! Tortilla Coast’s Bacon, Jalapeno & Pineapple Frozen Margarita

If you ask me to list the top five things I love in life, bacon and booze would rank Nos. 2 and 3, respectively. So, naturally, when I heard that Tortilla Coast on Capitol Hill was combining the two into a frosty libation, I got down there in the blink of bleary eye. This tantalizing […]

Biodynamic Drinking: Funxion’s Cocktails Are Healthier, Taste That Way, Too

Strolling into Funxion, the self-described "first FIT Restaurant and Bar in America," is sort of invigorating. At first. Beyond the funky furniture and retro tunes, the place prides itself on offering healthy food and drink options—and that includes the boozy cocktails. You've probably heard about the health benefits of moderate drinking. Well, this joint takes […]

Root of the Matter: Beets and Booze at PS7’s

Talk about a better way to get my daily allowance! I would take this over V8 any day of the week. PS7's frothy $14 combination of San Luis Del Rio Mezcal, muddled pineapple and beets, and a few dashes of beet syrup, was captivating enough for me to ignore the dish of seasoned popcorn that […]

Don’t Make Me Cuke: Circa’s Flavorful ‘Foggy Bottom’ Squashes Vegetal Squeamishness

Finding a drink that screams summer—without it being some frozen monstrosity garnished with a pineapple parrot dressed in flip flops and sunglasses—seems extremely difficult these days. It’s a good thing then that I opted to spend Wednesday afternoon at Circa in Dupont Circle, because I happened upon a fantastic palate-pleasing party in a glass called […]

Bizarro Aperitivo: The Passenger’s Pleasing ‘Notgroni’

I personally have a strong disdain for Campari, the bitter Italian apéritif. In my experience as a bartender, I find it is often the booze of choice for "penalty shots." And, by that, I mean the punitive libations that a sadistic bartender will make his fumbling colleague consume after that same unfortunate coworker breaks a […]

South of the Boredom: One Lounge’s Jalapeño Margarita

I've always been a sucker for a strong margarita. It tastes like vacation in a glass. More like a "staycation" when it comes to the jalapeño margarita at One Lounge in Dupont Circle.

Pushing Up Daisies: Café Atlántico’s Leather Fetish Libation Isn’t Manly Enough

A sliver of zest, a dash of scotch, a strap of leather—that's right, real cow hide, soaked in tequila—and what do ya got? The answer, my friends, is the ultra inventive, if ultimately disenchanting, cocktail being served to those saddled up at Café Atlántico, the so-called "Daisy If You Do." OK, so there's no actual […]

Shiso Sweet: The Source’s Refreshing Spin On The Classic Mint Julep

Break out the bourbon, boys! It's Kentucky Derby time again, meaning that bartenders everywhere will be whipping out their muddles to create that old time classic, the mint julep. Even though my family hails from Kentucky, and I have been a loyal slave to the bar business for over 13 years, I have never been […]