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Sarah Silverman’s Warm Childhood Memories of Thanksgiving

Sarah Silverman's Thanksgiving Special from Sarah Silverman If you know Silverman, you know this animated video is NSFW. Best line: "I don't think it was the turkey's top 5 favorite moment either." Video courtesy of Funny or Die

No Waffling Here: IHOP to Give Away 1,500 Short Stacks

Rise and shine,  flapjack freaks. You have a narrow, three-hour window in which to score some free pancakes, and the clock starts ticking at 6 this morning. So get those shoes on now and head to the new IHOP in Columbia Heights. To celebrate the opening of its 1,500th restaurant, IHOP is giving the first […]

South Park Sinks Its Teeth into Food TV Culture

Creme Fraiche Tags: SOUTH PARKRandy Marsh,Sharon Marsh,more... Anthony Bourdain may have been among the first to skewer the vapidity of celebrity chef TV culture, but South Park has taken it to a whole new level with its recent "Creme Fraiche" episode. The animators eviscerated the Food Network and its many imitators, leaving no sacred cow […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Brunch may have its haters, but there's clearly a contingent out there looking for more than the standard weekend blitz of Belgian waffles and three-cheese omelets. Readers tore into Scott Reitz's post on two off-beat brunch options as if they had been wandering the desert waiting for a message from on high. Come to think […]

Chow Supertaster James Norton Takes on Kiddie Kefir

The venerable James Norton has placed his pampered palate in harm's way many times before, but for this taste test, he takes one for Team Mommy and Daddy. He samples Lifeway's ProBugs Organic Whole Milk Kefir for kids. The first squirt is the deepest, James. (See the 1 minute, 15 second mark for reference.) Video […]

David Guas’ Bayou Bakery Opens on Saturday

David Guas has waited a long time for the opening of his first restaurant, Bayou Bakery. The former pastry chef for Passion Food Hospitality has fought through a failed partnership, a prolonged real-estate hunt, and the usual bureaucratic bunglings (really, don't ask about the signage issue with the county) to get to this moment: Bayou […]

The Audacity of Opening a Spanish Eatery in José Andrés’ Backyard

The ironic thing about Estadio is that, despite its many pleasures, the Spanish eatery wasn't even owner Mark Kuller's first choice for his second restaurant. As Jane Black reported in the Post earlier this year, Kuller originally wanted to open an Italian place — until our downtown streets became slippery with pasta. So he switched […]

Tired of the Same Old Roast Turkey? Try These Recipes for Thanksgiving.

The Washington Post's Jim Shahin is a barbecue alchemist. He takes an ordinary piece of meat, waves his hands over it (usually with salt and pepper in each fist), and sticks the protein into a black box. Hours later, from a thick plume of smoke, he'll pull out a blackened beauty glistening in its own […]

The Reversal of Outrage Over the USDA and Cheese

On Sunday, Nov. 7, The New York Times published a story that spelled out the U.S. Department of Agriculture's hypocritical role in America's dietary life: The agency that pushes for healthier diets, the paper pointed out, has simultaneously created and partially funded a marketing group designed to add tons more cheese into our lives via […]

The Reign of Spain: Team Behind Penn Quarter’s Proof Tries Spanish Food at Estadio

By the time my friend and I reach Estadio, it’s around 10:30 on Saturday night, and the Logan Circle establishment is still packed, providing some small hope that the District has finally outgrown its Ben Franklin-esque early-to-bed, early-to-rise ethos. The Spanish-themed restaurant is so crowded, in fact, we can’t immediately secure a seat. This is […]