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When a Burrito Bros. Burrito Went Splat on I-395

Michael E. Grass’ ode to burrito gluttony from last week has me thinking of my weekend evenings in Adams Morgan of yesteryear. When a night of drinking came to a close, I usually made a stop at the now-closed Burrito Brothers location. The place was quiet for the most part and offered drunk food for […]

Michel Richard’s Fancy Cheesesteak Makes Me Miss Provolone

Michel Richard has some balls. Inox’s locked doors, darkened suburban office buildings, and empty tables were testaments to the economic environment his new restaurant faced. And yet, the longtime D.C. celebrity chef threw his toque blanche into the Tysons Corner ring, currently wrapped up in endless road and Metrorail construction. He opened Michel, serving up […]

Screw You Super Bowl, the Championships Are Where It’s At: Part Two

What a weekend for football food! For as long as I’ve been throwing my Conference Championships party food orgy, there always seems to be one team that’s a challenge to cook for. Towns like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Chicago have loads of great dishes that adapt easily to a home tailgate. Seattle and Indianapolis however… What […]

Taylor Gourmet Releases State of the Hoagie Address

While waiting for tonight's highly anticipated press release from Taylor Gourmet, I asked a friend what he thought I should expect... "Oh, he's going to spin like a mofo." And spin it Casey Patten did.

Thinking About Better Bread for D.C.: We Have a Ways to Go

Stuffed with bar food, I've been excited to tear into something new. As Y&H readers know, I've been thinking a lot about bread lately, which resulted in this week's Washington City Paper cover story. I've been eating bread all over the city and burbs, but my favorite loaf to date, it seems, is close to […]

Taylor Gourmet Plans ‘State of the Hoagie Address’ Tonight

Followers of Taylor Gourmet's Twitter feed have something to anticipate tonight. In response this week's Washington City Paper cover story, Taylor Gourmet has issued an announcement for a press conference of sorts, tweeting: "State of the Hoagie Address" – Taylor Gourmet to address the nation tonight on @Twitter at 7PM EST Their story may be […]

Dig In: Noting the Guilty Pleasures of Finger Food

My first night at Kabob Palace was one of many visits to the ethnic restaurants along South Eads Street in Crystal City. I returned with the same company in a similar state. One night we tried Punjab Kabob’s chicken karahi, a hearty curry served in its metal cooking vessel with a side of freshly baked […]

A Fresh Shucked Oyster From Old Ebbitt Grill Is Nature’s Best Bar Food

“Tiny and briny” I mutter aloud, perusing the daily raw menu while sitting at the bar of Old Ebbitt Grill, the storied establishment that sits across 15th Street NW from the Treasury Department. The front bar is packed with tourists fresh from a look at the White House, but the back bar is mostly empty. […]

Screw You Super Bowl, the Championships Are Where It’s At

The NFL playoffs are coming, if you haven’t noticed. Three weekends of football are all we have left before the biggest Sunday night party of the year sends us back to the office Monday morning in a stupor. I’ve never loved Super Bowl parties. The game mercifully starts at 6:30 p.m., but somehow the event […]

BlackFinn’s Sliders Prove Bigger Is Not Always Better

It was an all out blood sugar crash. I had only eaten a sad office doughnut for breakfast, and then skipped lunch. On the train ride home, I became dizzy. My skin broke into a sweat. I needed a burger immediately. BlackFinn was the first restaurant I spotted after exiting the Farragut West Metrorail station. […]