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Are You Gonna Drink That? Jrink’s Activated Charcoal Juice

It's called Black Magic.

Are You Gonna Eat That? Taco Bamba’s Poutine Taco

“Once you’re eating a french fry taco, I think you’ve already decided to enjoy yourself, so why not make it spicy and load it up?”

Bar Charley Opens Today From the Owners of El Chucho

D.C. restaurateurs who have made a name for themselves seem to be embracing a new trend: making a place for themselves. Bar Charley, which opens tonight in eastern Dupont Circle (1825 18th St. NW), will be exactly the kind of place co-owner Jackie Greenbaum says she wants to go when she gets off work. Like […]

Baby Wale Now Open Near Convention Center

Corduroy, the beloved D.C. restaurant, got a fabric-themed sibling yesterday, and it happened rather quietly. Baby Wale, which opened last night, sits adjacent to chef/owner Tom Power’s original baby, and in case you’re not up on your sartorial lingo, “wale” identifies the number of ridges per inch in any given corduroy. Power wants his new restaurant […]

The Butchers of Washington

When Red Apron Butchery announced in February that it would open a couple of local butcher shops this fall, including one in the District, I was thrilled. All things considered, I prefer my meat locally sourced and ethically raised—and to buy it from someone who can give me tips about the best cut for my […]