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Market Research: Lemon Cucumbers

What: Lemon cucumbers are an heirloom variety that is easily mistaken for summersquash at first glance. The spherical vegetables range from plum- to apple-sized and have thin orange- and yellow-streaked skin. The inside flesh is tender and has a white-green cast. Cleo Braver of Cottingham Farm in Maryland recommends them on aesthetic grounds alone. She […]

Market Research: Purslane

  Ingredient: Purslane What: Word seems to be out about purslane. When I arrived at the 14th and U streets NW farmers market on Saturday morning a mere hour and a half after opening, every vendor save one was out of the not-particularly-well-known succulent. Mexican Cultural Institute chef Patricia Jinich says the plant, known as […]

Market Research: Peaches

Proof and Estadio bar manager Adam Bernbach was delighted when I presented him with just-past-ripe market peaches. He says they’re perfect for making the peach soda currently on Estadio’s menu. “When I was little, my mother told me I had a peaches-and-cream complexion,” Bernbach says. “Now I don’t feel so bad about that.” What to […]

Market Research: Veal and Apricots

Ingredients: Veal and apricots What: Given Pepco’s performance after the now-infamous derecho, meals that can be cooked rapidly and outdoors are my priority. I asked Sandy Miller, owner of Pennsylvania’s Painted Hand Farm, for a thin cut of meat that pairs well with newly in-season apricots. “Veal is traditionally thought of as a fall food,” says […]

Market Research: Currants

Ingredient: Currants What: You’ve likely only encountered currants in preserved forms, either dried or cooked down into a jam. That’s a shame, because fresh, the translucent-skinned, tart globes are decadent. How to buy: Currants are in season through early July. Red and blue varieties are available from Reid’s Orchard, at the 14th and U streets […]

Market Research: Quail Eggs

Ingredient: Quail eggs What: “The main thing is that they are cute,” says Aaron McCloud, chef of Cedar in Penn Quarter. “But it is a little more mild than a chicken egg.” Because of their diminutive size (think: shooter marble), quail eggs offer a smaller, more manageable yolk for use as a garnish or appetizer. How […]

Market Research: Herbed Lemonade

Ingredient: Herbed lemonade What: A cocktail is not for everyone (or every occasion). It’s handy to have something besides the subtle delights of D.C. tap water to serve to summertime guests. Julie Gray Stinar of Evensong Farm has one clever option: herbed lemonade. Her son wanted to start selling lemonade at their market stands in […]

Market Research: Marrow Bones

Ingredient: Marrow bones What: “Good for dogs, stews, and butter,” promised Gunpowder Bison & Trading of their marrow bones at the Silver Spring farmers market on Saturday. Butter? “Well, that’s what some people call the roasted marrow,” Colin of Gunpowder told me. The operation is pastured just outside of Baltimore; its bison comes from a […]

Market Research: Garlic Scapes

Ingredient: Garlic Scapes What: Naming this vegetable appears to be done on a farm-by-farm basis; I found the first harvest of the garlic plant sold as “scapes,” “pigtails,” and “curls” at the Takoma Park farmers market alone. The green buds are the plant’s first attempt to propagate: “It’s when garlic gets serious about reproducing,” says […]

Market Research: Peas

In M.F.K. Fisher’s An Alphabet for Gourmets, “P” is for peas. “I can compare bliss with near bliss, for I have often, blessed me, eaten superlative green peas,” Fisher writes. How to buy: Local shoppers will have a challenging time following Fisher’s dictate that peas “must be shelled at the very last second of the […]