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The Chipotle Exception: Burrito Bowls OK, Big Macs Not So Much, On Barracks Row

Chalk up another shutout for Barracks Row burritos. Last night, “fast casual” chain Chipotle scored the unanimous approval of the full Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B in its quest for a special exemption to 8th Street SE’s prohibition on fast food restaurants. During the meeting, Chipotle rep Teddy Ferguson verbally committed to satisfying the noise concerns […]

Mea Culpa Burger With Fries: Big Board Brothers Get a Fast Lesson in Food PR

Public relations is a crucial part of the restaurant business. Brothers Eric and Mark Flannery have learned that the hard way, having to put out their first fire before the flames of their burger grill are even lit. The brothers Flannery began work on their forthcoming new restaurant, a planned gourmet burger joint called The […]