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Love and Jell-O Shots: Millie & Al’s Turns 50

The story of Adams Morgan’s oldest bar, which celebrates its 50th birthday next week, is a love story. It starts in 1963, when a Bronx-born 43-year-old salesman named Al Shapiro buys Balance’s Columbian Restaurant on 18th Street NW and renames it Millie & Al’s, after the woman he’s smitten with. Millie dies of cancer in […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide Staff Picks: Chinatown Express

Some of what Yelpers have said about Chinatown Express is true: It’s cramped, dingy, and crowded, and the servers seldom smile. There’s also the large, unlidded fish tank and the butcher/noodle-making station, both of which are located in the main dining area and give the first floor its harbor-market odor. Oddly enough, these are good […]

Shawarma King, Revisited

As promised, I went back to Shawarma King last Wednesday, May 27, for a guided tour and meal with owner Butros Qumseya, who requested I give his restaurant a second go after he read my negative review in the Feed a few weeks back. Disclaimer: Food critics eat anonymously because the average restaurateur, if given […]

City Paper Review Is an Insult to the Shawarma King

Last week I reviewed Shawarma King on Columbia Road NW. Long story short, I said I'd eaten better shawarma: The chicken was too dry, and I wanted someone to choose my toppings for me. (See full Shawarma King complaint here.) I didn't expect any noise–it was just a blurb, after all–but an error was edited […]

Weekend Feed: Shawarma King

Shawarma King 1654 Columbia Road NW, Washington, DC 20009 (202) 462-8330 I ate my first shawarma-type sandwich in Baku, Azerbaijan, where street vendors call the shaved-lamb-and-pita combo a döner-kebab and top it with cilantro, tomato, cucumber, a ketchup-like red sauce, and fresh herbs. Baku doesn’t have much else in the way of fast food (the […]

The Pepsi Throwback Challenge

As part of Washington City Paper's food day, Will Mitchell and Erik Wemple pitted old Pepsi versus OLDER Pepsi, high fructose corn syrup versus cane sugar, Pepsi Throwback versus the same Pepsi Americans have been drinking with reckless abandon for decades. Here are the results: