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Hype Dreams: Let’s Hear It For Sorriso

A semi-regular look at D.C. eateries that critics too often ignore Though it's rarely short on customers, Sorriso in Cleveland Park doesn't generate a ton of buzz, which is a shame. The food is good, the prices are reasonable, and the family that runs the place has won over a bevy of regulars and others […]

A Royal Excuse For Morning Revelry: Buffets, Bloodies, Other Options Around Town

Anglophiles are gearing up for festivities surrounding the marriage of Prince William of Wales to Catherine Middleton on April 29th. Being an oldie myself, I can remember his mother's wedding (way back in '81) having usurped morning cartoons before school, an hours-long spectacle of horse-drawn carriages and women in big dresses doing the pageant wave. […]

Q&A: Hill Country’s Marc Glosserman Talks Barbecue

A friend and I have had an evolving discussion on the rise of urban barbecue joints that we’ve never really resolved. He says barbecue, no matter what style, loses something in translation from the country to the city. After all, it's a wonderful thing to eat barbecue in a shack off some rural road from […]

Q&A: Robert Wiedmaier on Rebounding Restaurants and No-Reservation Policies

To what degree is Washington's economy on the mend? After I confronted a two-and-a-half hour wait at Bethesda's Mussel Bar last Saturday, I decided to ask Robert Wiedmaier, the chef and restaurateur of Marcel's, Brabo, Brasserie Beck, and Mussel Bar. I was wondering if packed nights are the norm or an anomaly and if he […]

A Lobster in Winter

Catching lobster in the dead of winter isn’t for the faint of heart. As the temperature dips and lobsters grow hard shells, they migrate to warmer waters in deeper seas, far from shore. Only the most determined fishermen will face open seas and hazardous conditions to bring in a winter catch. Demand for the crustaceans […]

All About Eve: Fucking Up

The newly renovated Tasting Room at Eve: No place for rookies. The first week I worked at Restaurant Eve, I felt like I was losing motor skills at the end of a double shift. I'm generally clumsy anyway, and I hadn't yet mastered the stops and starts of maneuvering a busy dining room, in which […]

All About Eve, Part IV: Dinner Service Pregame

Welcome to the fourth installment of All About Eve, Young & Hungry’s behind-the-scenes glimpse of working at Restaurant Eve. You can read previous posts here In the three months I’ve worked at Eve, several times a week just before service is an announcement of a mysterious reservation at 5:30 with no notation of a birthday, anniversary, […]

All About Eve, Part III: Grape Expectations

Welcome to the third installment of All About Eve, Young & Hungry’s behind-the-scenes glimpse of working at Restaurant Eve. You can read previous posts here. Ren and Stimpy. Felix and Oscar. Leonard and Guy. Leonard and Guy are two servers on the floor at Eve's Tasting Room. Leonard is  6-foot plus, wears terrific glasses, and […]

All About Eve, Part II: You Can Stand the Heat—Stay in the Kitchen

Welcome to the second installment of All About Eve, Young & Hungry's behind-the-scenes glimpse of working at Restaurant Eve. Part I is here. "Try this," said Cathal Armstrong after the lunch round on a sultry afternoon in late August. It was a giant bowl of neon-green sauce of some sort, made from a vat of […]

All About Eve, Part I: Surrounded by Food and Still Constantly Hungry

This is my fridge. As a  food lover and sometimes food writer, I have not bought groceries from a Harris Teeter or Whole Foods, let alone a farmers market, since late July. This empty shell reflects the sorry state of my kitchen. How did I get here? Having found myself at a work-life crossroads, I […]