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Are You Gonna Eat That? Wagshal’s Kangaroo Steaks

Unless you’re Teddy Roosevelt, you may not have exotic meats readily stocked in the icebox. But if you’re ever so inclined, a trip to Wagshal’s would satisfy the urge for something with more flair than day-old meatloaf. “A lot of people want to try something they’ve never had before,” says Wagshal’s Pamela “Pam the Butcher” […]

Are You Gonna Eat That? B Too’s Mussel-Stuffed Waffles

The Dish: De B Too Mosselwafel (mussel waffles) Where to Get It: B Too, 1324 14th St. NW; (202) 627-2800; Price: $14.50 What It Is: A puff pastry filled with Prince Edward Island mussels and pressed in a waffle iron. It’s served with pesto, marinated celery, frisée, and dill sour cream.

DCanter Wine Shop Now Open on Barracks Row

"Wine boutique" DCanter opened on Barracks Row yesterday with 300 wines and 80 craft beers.  The 1,400-square-foot space features bottles from small producers around the world, some of which can't be found elsewhere in D.C. (The wine shop shouldn't be confused with Decanter, the new restaurant at the St. Regis hotel.) Of particular interest will be "The Good Juice […]

Are You Gonna Eat That? La Chaumière’s Calf’s Brain

The Dish: Cervelle de veau au beurre noir Where to Get It: La Chaumière, 2813 M St. NW; (202) 338-1784; Price: $14.50 for lunch or $17.75 for dinner What It Is: Sautéed calf’s brain with brown butter, lemon, and capers, served with mashed potatoes, carrots, and baby bok choy.

Are You Gonna Eat That? Fried Pickled Herring From Domku

The Dish: Fried pickled herring Where to Get It: Domku, 821 Upshur St. NW; (202) 722-7475; Price: $9 What It Is: Pickled herring, pan-fried in egg and Panko crumbs and topped with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions. What It Tastes Like: If you like Spanish anchovies, you’ll enjoy the salty, tangy, slightly sweet, […]

Are You Gonna Eat That? Grasshopper Guacamole at El Centro D.F.

The Dish: Guacamole Sur Where to Get It: El Centro DF, 1819 14th St. NW, (202) 328-3131; Price: $12.95 What It Is: Guacamole with grasshoppers mixed in What It Tastes Like: While these hair-raising insects threw me into a Fear Factor–like fit of panic at first, the guac is delicious. Whole, buttery avocados are […]

Are You Gonna Eat That? Del Campo’s Grilled and Raw Beef Heart

The Dish: Beef Heart Anticucho and Tartare Where to Get It: Del Campo, 777 I St. NW; (202) 289-7377; Price: $14 What It Is: Skewered and grilled beef heart accompanied by beef heart tartare from Piedmont Ridge Farm in White Hall, Md., dressed in a puree of aji panca, cumin, and garlic.

Are You Gonna Eat That? Fat Shorty’s Rattlesnake Sausage

The Dish: Rattlesnake sausage Where to Get It: Fat Shorty’s, 3035 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington; (703) 243-5660; Price: $8.50 for a sandwich, $10 for a one-sausage platter, $14 for a two-sausage platter What It Is: A sausage made of rattlesnake, rabbit, pork, jalapeno, and pepper. What It Tastes Like: Chicken, but tougher. The dish is […]

Are You Gonna Eat That? Royal Mile Pub’s Haggis

The Dish: Haggis with mashed potatoes, pickled vegetables, and gravy. Where to Get It: Royal Mile Pub, 2407 Price Ave., Wheaton; (301) 946-4511; Price: $7.50 What It Is: Traditional haggis is a mixture of heart, liver, and lungs with fat, onions, and oatmeal boiled in a sheep’s stomach. Like most Scottish fare, this staple […]

Are You Gonna Eat That? Homestyle Frog at New Big Wong

The Dish: Homestyle frog Where to Get It: New Big Wong, 610 H St. NW; (202) 628-0491 Price: $18.95 What It Is: Frog with Chinese green beans and snow peas What It Tastes Like: Lightly tossed in flour and pan-fried, the frog is fresh, moist, and crisp on the outside, tasting somewhere between chicken and […]