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Can Piedmontese Beef Help Lower Your Cholesterol? One Man’s Story.

Pam the Butcher at Wagshal’s was insistent that  “Piedmontese” beef — prime by the way — had lower cholesterol than chicken. “Of course," I said, "if you’re talking about a bucket of KFC with mac and cheese and biscuits and gravy.” I mean, seriously? Prime beef lower in cholesterol, saturated fat, and higher in all […]

Timmy G’s Ham Cruncher: The Sandwich That Glows

"It glows," says the woman at Gilly's Craft Beer & Fine Wine in Rockville, placing my Timmy G's Ham Cruncher in front of me. And she's right. The sandwich, about four inches high, sits in a paper basket emitting an eerie fluorescent visual hum: ham and cheddar on white bread, slathered with a nice spicy […]