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Forget the Holiday Season. Think Olio Novello Season Instead.

While others are excited by the holiday season, a few of us are excited by a whole different season: the olio novello season, the time of year when Italian new-harvest oil starts coming into the country. When I was in Philly a week ago, I asked the owner of Claudio's when its house-brand, new-harvest oil […]

American City Diner Is Printing Its Own Money!

In my wallet right now is a quartet of familiar faces: one Washington, four Lincolns, a Hamilton, and a wow, how-did-this-get-here Grant. Although increasingly scarce in these hard times, the four still effortlessly come to mind when conjuring currency: the one-dollar Washington with that iconic wig (or is that really his hair?); the five-dollar Lincoln, […]

El Pollo Rico Reopens in Wheaton

I'm driving around Wheaton when I spot what seems like a mirage. I do one of those cartoon double-takes. Did I just see what I thought I saw? I pull my best Starsky and Hutch, wheeling back around in a squeal of tires. Sure enough, I saw what I thought I saw: the grand opening […]

Did Obama Benefit from the Magic Tuber Pie Effect?

What is it with Obama and potatoes? According to the political humor Web site Apoliticus, hordes of Obama supporters descended upon an Idaho farm shortly before the election to gaze upon a potato resembling the then-candidate. "A minor scuffle broke out," the site reports, "as Obama supporters fought to hold the celebrity spud." No reference […]