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Underserved: Republic’s White Martinez

Republic Bar Manager Brett Robison shares his favorite pocket cocktail.

Underserved: Iron Gate’s I Live For That Look

Underserved is a new recurring Y&H feature highlighting the best cocktails you're not ordering.  What: I Live For That Look with Rittenhouse rye, Solståndet Aquavit, cynar, Cocchi Americano, and salt, $12 Where: Iron Gate, 1734 N St. NW What You Should Be Drinking With an ingredient list indecipherable to most English speakers, the I Live For […]

Pumpkin Beer Fest at Black Squirrel Tonight

Why drink pumpkin spice lattes when you can drink pumpkin beers, instead?

Americans Finally Forced to Say “Gyro” Correctly

Marking a small loss for strict spellers, but a huge gain for right-thinking people everywhere, a fast-casual Greek restaurant opening near Dupont today will insist on the correct pronunciation of its main menu item by spelling it phonetically. "'YEE-RO,'" says Alex Alevras, principle partner of GRK Fresh Greek. "You know it as 'JAI-RO.'" Americans have been slaughtering […]

Which Foods at Nationals Park Have the Biggest Mark-Up?

The reality of marked-up prices on food and beverage at the ballpark isn't exactly a secret—no one paying nine bucks for a can of Miller Lite believes it's a bargain. But with the arrival of so many stadium outposts from D.C. dining establishments, Nats fans can figure out exactly how much they're getting fleeced on […]

Remingtons to Close, Continuing Capitol Hill Dive Bar Death Knell

Another death has come to Capitol Hill. With the old Hawk 'n' Dove buried, dirt still fresh on the graves of 18th Amendment and Lil Pub, and Pour House and Top of the Hill in hospice, Remingtons has confirmed that it will close its doors after happy hour on Monday. Was the bar, an utterly […]

Which D.C. Corner Stores Have the Best Wine?

What inspires loyalty to a particular corner store? In a bygone, more modest era, a person might pledge allegiance to one market based on, say, the availability of milk, or who sells the cheapest toilet paper. But in gentrifying Washington, it’s all about the wine options. Yelp abounds with loyalists gushing about their local shop’s […]

Is Restaurant Week a Rip-Off? We Did the Math.

Savvy diners have long realized that Restaurant Week isn't a particularly stellar deal. Considering that booze, tax, and tip are not included in the fixed dinner price of $35.14, a night out during Restaurant Week doesn't differ much from a night out any other week in D.C., except you often have to order from a […]

Dino Closing its Doors, Citing Competition and Federal Turmoil

After eight and a half years and a pile of accolades, Cleveland Park standby Dino is closing its doors. Reached by phone, owner Dean Gold confirms that the restaurant will shutter at an undetermined date in the coming weeks, citing a wild financial ride this summer and fall. "Business just took a turn south in […]

Chicken Doodle

Whole Foods might have a reputation as the grocer to the bourgeoisie, but it has one claim to the bohemian: Each market employs at least one in-store artist, a full-time employee whose job extends beyond doodling on chalkboards. Throughout the region, trained artists draw, paint, decoupage, and paper mâché their grocery stores into a viewing […]