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Food Party to IFC: “I’m Now On You”

At last! Relief from Iraq War documentaries, George W. Bush documentaries, and documentaries in general! Seriouseats reports that the charmingly creepy YouTube phenom Food Party is coming to IFC. It's a like a little piece of Brooklyn in your TV set, but without that smelly guy who's ironically drinking a 40 and some crazy mash-up […]

Free Donuts, Go Nuts

On the heels of my recent post about Fairfax's greasy-sewer lawsuit against Krispy Kreme, the company is teaming up with Dunkin' Donuts to offer (you guessed it) free doughnuts for (you guessed it) National Doughnut Day. Question: is National Doughnut Day something we should have? I'm onboard for Presidents Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, […]

(Don’t) Eat a Peach

Hey all you vegetarians, raw foodists, posi-eaters, fruit apologists, Whole Foods shoppers, Jamba Juice drinkers, produce aisle lurkers, and fruit fetishists: get off of your healthy high horse! The Environmental Working Group has published a hypochondriac-friendly Shopper's Guide to Pesticides that will leave sweet bell pepper, apple, and (especially) peach enthusiasts chagrined/scheduling appointments with their […]

Brooks Headley to Japan

Brooks Headley (pastry chef at Del Posto, former pastry chef at Komi, former drummer of Born Against and the Wrangler Brutes, and my former housemate) is headed to Osaka to participate in a dessert demonstration for the curiously-named Japanese pastry shop chain Gramercy, New York. Headley will join Alex Grunert of Blue Hill Farm and […]

One Man’s Bread, Day #5

Welcome to the fifth and final day of "One Man's Bread!" It's been a wild ride, but I'm looking forward to unsupervised eating for the rest of my days. With no one looking over my shoulder, I can eat vegetables and whole grains without hurting my image. Without further ado: Thursday, June 4, 2009 10:37 […]

The Cheapest Salad Bar in Town?

Confidential Young & Hungry sources report exciting news about the National Geographic Society's cafeteria: 1. At less than $4/pound, the salad bar may be the cheapest one in town. And they're not skimping – they've got artichoke hearts, tofu, chicken, and quality greens (no iceberg lettuce need apply). Our undercover diner got a salad for […]

Pho Sho

Rosslyn's Pho 75 has gotten the stamp of approval from blogger Scott Underwood. More than a stamp of approval, actually: "Do you remember when you discovered your favorite food?...Well in my case that answer is yes. About two months ago I discovered pho—Vietnamese noodle soup." Underwood was turned on to Pho 75 by a friend […]


Sorry to keep writing about vegetarianism on youse guys' precious food blog, but check out this veg-friendly post on the Foreign Policy website. Jim Motavalli's arguments about the inevitability of a vegetarian world (meat is an environmental disaster, raising cattle takes too much grain, etc.) aren't new, but it's cool to see Motavalli out of […]

Anthony Bourdain, Dashing and Irreverent

Everyone's favorite ruggedly-handsome, confident, opinionated, ever-so-slightly condescending former junkie/chef has published a

One Man’s Bread, Day #4

Day #4: a shamelessly cookie-heavy day. I think I ate probably twenty cookies, maybe thirty. I'm not sure why I eat so many cookies. To be honest – I don't even like cookies that much. I mean, I like cookies as much as the next guy, I'm not some kind of mutant or something. I […]