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Old & Pregnant and Sick of Being Told What Not to Eat

Today Science Daily is out with scary results about pregnant mice exposed to BPA, the scary chemical linked to scary plastic water bottles. Apparently, injections of BPA into pregnant mice make the mice subsequently infertile. This is all inconclusive of course, but not so inconclusive as to cause this directive: "We don't know what a […]

Weekend Feed: Jyoti Indian Cuisine in Adams Morgan

Jyoti Indian Cuisine 2433 18th St., Washington, DC 20009 (202) 518-5892 I might be biased since I’m a regular at Jyoti, but I’m a regular for a reason: the naan. I’ve tried the fancier Indian places in D.C. and have yet to find any that does it as well. Giant, chewy, crusty: It’s the ultimate […]

Better Know a Sandwich Artist: Uma Mali

After six years working at the Subway in Cleveland Park (3520 Connecticut Ave. NW), you'd think manager Uma Mali would get sick of the airy bread, the pressed meats, the sliced cukes. But no. "I eat it every day. I never get tired of the sandwiches," she says. Today it was the veggie burger: "I […]

Popcorn Vendor Hates Popcorn

If you had to stand in a 3-foot-by-3-foot vending cart all day, pouring butter and cheese powder over popped corn five days a week, you'd hate it too. "It's like if you worked at McDonald's. Maybe you'd eat it for a week, but after that?...," says the owner and chef at Fresh Popcorn for All […]