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Chat With Us About D.C.’s Dive Bars and Neo-Dives

All your dive-bar questions, answered.

Tuesday! Let’s Chat About Dive Bars

What is a dive bar? Why are dive bars? All your dive-bar questions will be answered.

Lager Rhythms: How Homebrewer Mike Stein Revived Heurich’s Lager, a Classic D.C. Beer

The Beer Issue Ready and Labeled What Would These Draft Beers Look Like in Cans and Bottles Ale Together Now The Brewer Collaborations You'll Want to Try During DC Beer Week License to Swill D.C.’s Booze Laws Allow a Way Around the Middleman. Guess Who Isn’t Happy? Cask and Tell The Barrel-Aged Revolution How to […]

This Might Be D.C.’s Douchiest Restaurant Website

The shortcomings of restaurant and nightclub websites—annoying-to-switch-off music, curiously hidden basic information, PDF menus—are numerous and well-documented, and plenty of perfectly acceptable establishments are guilty. Still, if a restaurant's online presentation tells you something about its ethos, then the most noxious examples of the genre also function as effective reverse advertisements. See the website for […]

The U Street Taco: A Glossary

Have you tried the U Street Taco yet? Inspired by Philadelphia's South Street Taco, this late-night treat is the extreme sloppy drunk food D.C. always needed but (until last week) never had. But the fun doesn't have to end there! For even more gustatory challenges, consult our handy glossary. The U Street Taco: A Ben's Chili Bowl chili half-smoke […]

My PBR Weekend

For my article for this week's Beer Issue, I spent a good chunk of last weekend embedded with Dan VanHoozer, the Pabst Brewing Co.'s marketing manager in D.C., crisscrossing various hot spots of the District's hip cultural class: Jimmy Valentine's near H Street NE, the Rock & Roll Hotel, a boozy party put on by […]