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Granville Moore’s Maria Evans’ Christmas Lasagna

Young & Hungry asked some area chefs about some of their favorite holiday recipes. Maria Evans of Granville Moore's shared her family's recipe for lasagna, and as well as some insight about the dish: Every Christmas, my family makes lasagna. It has been that way for as long as I can remember. There's no great […]

Michel Richard’s Recipe for Chestnut Soup

Young & Hungry asked some area chefs about some of their favorite holiday recipes. Michel Richard of Citronelle and Central shared his mother's chestnut soup recipe. Michel Richard's Chestnut Soup (serves four) Ingredients: 8 oz. chestnuts (fresh or frozen out of shell) 2 oz. applewood smoked bacon 6 oz. white onion, diced small 3 cups […]

Meet Eatonville’s New Executive Chef, Garret Fleming

Many of you may remember Tim Carman's Beard-nominated cover story last year that chronicled the way in which Andy Shallal selected Eatonville's first chef. If you recall, the story didn't end well. Chris Newsome, initially appointed executive chef after winning the Top Chef-style contest, was quickly replaced by runner-up Rusty Holman. Holman left Eatonville this […]

Sala Thai in Petworth Opens Today

As of tonight, Petworth residents will officially have a Thai restaurant to call their own. Sala Thai opens tonight in the Park Place development above the Petworth Metro station. It will be the first Thai restaurant in Petworth as well as the first restaurant to open at Park Place. According to Dan Silverman, aka the […]

Enough with Neopolitan: St. Louis- and San Francisco-Style Pizza

We've been writing a lot about New Haven-style pizza recently, and of course it's hard to avoid discussing Neopolitan pizza here in the District. But, needless to say, pizza exists in many forms unique to particular regions, many of which are not locally–or widely–available. Take St. Louis-style pizza. Looks pretty good, right? (An aside: You'll […]

Hunting for Piggies II: Making My Own

After eating the overdone puerquitos from Super Tacos & Bakery, I thought I might have better luck baking my own with this recipe. Not so much. First things first, the picture above is what puerquitos should look like: fluffy, cakey pigs. (Although the frosting is a bit of an aberration.) Below, what my puerquitos looked […]

Hunting for Piggies: Puerquitos in Adams Morgan

Since moving to the District about a year ago, I've been on the hunt for puerquitos (which translates as "piggies"), a Mexican pastry that's somewhere between a cookie and a cake and full of molasses-y goodness. They were a favorite of mine when I lived in Chicago–I'd stop by my favorite panadería each day and […]