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The Limited History of DC Basketball Bars and Restaurants

No town on the planet has produced more basketball stars. Yet when it comes to basketball bars, DC is Nowheresville. The only Bullets/Wizards spot with a pulse, in fact, is Grevey's. The former sharpshooter from Kentucky played for the Bullets from 1975 to 1983. He was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks and played for two […]

While Most DC Gridiron Grubberies Are Gone, Theismann’s Remains

Of all the burgundy-and-gold-themed restaurants and bars that have served us over the years Joe Theismann's remains the cock of the block. Good golly, there have been a bunch of these places. From the mid-1970s through the early 1990s, when even in off seasons George Allen and Joe Gibbs’ teams were in the playoff contention, […]

Baseball Establishments are Going, Going, Long Gone…

Maybe this is a sign that, as that damn Peter Angelos said, DC isn't a baseball town: We've never been big on baseball bars and restaurants around here. Mickey Grasso, a mostly backup catcher with the original Washington Senators from 1951 to 1953, had an Italian restaurant at 732 14th Street NW before Grosso was […]

The Limited History of DC Hockey Restaurants and Bars

Sorry, Tom Petty, but: Even the losers get restaurants some times. Hence, Buggsy's Pizza, a restaurant/sports bar in Old Town Alexandria. Hockey's never been bigger in DC. The Capitals had a great (regular) season and people paid attention. In other words: totally opposite what Bryan "Bugsy" Watson experienced during his three years with the Washington […]

Why Don’t DC’s Athletes Open Restaurants Anymore?

Time was around here when if you wore a jersey on job, you could have a restaurant or bar. It helped if you were a star, but, particularly if your work shirt was burgundy and gold, that wasn't mandatory –the Redskins' offensive coordinator, third-string quarterback and punter all had local chains (chains!) of restaurants back […]