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The ’Wiching Hour: Songbyrd Record Cafe’s The Kraftwerk

The Kraftwerk pays tribute to both the German electronic band and a traditional German sandwich.

The ‘Wiching Hour: Maketto’s Cambodian “Num Pang” Pork Sandwich

The technical precision of this sandwich suits the setting of Erik Bruner-Yang’s sleek new market and clothing emporium.

The ‘Wiching Hour: Pitmasters Back Alley Barbecue’s Carolina Chopped Pork Shoulder Sandwich

This sandwich is the size of a small dinner plate, and after consuming half of it, you’re exhausted.

The ‘Wiching Hour: Grand Trunk’s Naan Burger

If you’re a fan of veggie samosas and in search of ‘round-the-clock Indian takeout, you’ll enjoy the potato patty.

The ’Wiching Hour: Dirty South Deli’s Mr. Chips

A food truck that also sells sandwiches inside a museum cafe gets pulled pork right.

The ’Wiching Hour: Bullfrog Bagels’ The Natitude

Hot pastrami, Swiss cheese, and dijon mustard sauce on a bagel

The ’Wiching Hour: The Wicked ’Wich at Which ’Wich

It's salty. One star.

The ’Wiching Hour: Mama Rouge’s Roasted Brisket Banh Mi

This banh mi misses the mark.

The ’Wiching Hour: El Camino’s Chorizo Torta

Sloppy, but balanced.

The ’Wiching Hour: Mason Dixie Biscuit Co.’s Adobo Lamb Biscuit

It's a 4 out of 5!