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The ’Wiching Hour: Meats & Foods’ Half-Smoke

It's better than Ben's Chili Bowl

The ’Wiching Hour: Denizens Brewing Co.’s Smoky Pulled Pork

The Sandwich: Smoky Pulled Pork Where: Denizens Brewing Co., 1115 East-West Highway, Silver Spring Price: $11 Bread: White sandwich roll Stuffings: Pulled pork, cider vinegar slaw, house-pickled onions, sauce #5 (a sweet and smoky Kansas City–style barbecue sauce) Thickness: 4.5 inches Pros: The guys behind the BBQ Bus food truck, who’ve expanded into the kitchen […]

The ’Wiching Hour: Astro’s Old Bay Doughnut Chicken Sandwich

The Sandwich: Old Bay Doughnut Chicken Sandwich Where: Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, 1308 G St. NW or at the Virginia food truck Price: $9 Bread: Savory Old Bay doughnut Stuffings: Fried chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, choice of sauce (barbecue, blue cheese, ranch, Sriracha buffalo, or honey mustard) Thickness: 5 inches Pros: The heavily seasoned […]

The ’Wiching Hour: Ma’s Meatloaf at Lunchbox

The Sandwich: Ma’s Meatloaf Where: Lunchbox, 5335 Wisconsin Ave. NW Price: $11 Bread: Chive biscuit Stuffings: Meatloaf, pineapple ketchup, red onion marmalade, blue cheese Thickness: 4 inches Pros: Building a seemingly messy sandwich on a biscuit takes guts, and Lunchbox deserves props for creating a pastry that’s fluffy yet durable, with just the right amount […]

The ’Wiching Hour: Compass Rose’s El Lomito

The Sandwich: El Lomito Where: Compass Rose, 1346 T St. NW Price: $15 Bread: Ciabatta roll Stuffings: Pork roast, avocado, ’nduja, lettuce, tomato Thickness: 4.5 inches Pros: Inspired by the popular Chilean sandwich, the Lomito brings together juicy pork and creamy avocado in a haze of fatty richness that would surely lead to a food […]

The ’Wiching Hour: G Street Food’s The Chermoula

The Sandwich: The Chermoula Where: G Street Food, multiple locations Price: $7.95 Bread: Baguette Stuffings: Grilled chicken, bacon, roasted tomatoes, basil chermoula Thickness: 3.5 inches Pros: Chermoula—a Moroccan spread made from herbs, oil, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, and salt—brightens the sandwich’s relatively bland grilled chicken breast. Though similar to pesto, chermoula is more acidic; the […]

The ’Wiching Hour: Beer and Welding’s Hindu Nightmare

The Sandwich: The Hindu Nightmare Where: Beer and Welding Sandwich Shop, inside Oasis Market, 2024 P St. NW Price: $9 Bread: White baguette Stuffings: Pulled beef chuck and brisket, gouda, melted onions, chimichurri sauce Thickness: 3 inches Pros: The onions, cooked low and slow, really melt in your mouth, adding a pleasant sweetness to the […]

New Burger Joint, City Burger, Opens Today in Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase residents have a new fast-casual dining destination. City Burger, from chef Michael Harr of Bethesda's Food Wine & Co. and Cabin John's Fish Taco, opens with limited hours today before operating full swing tomorrow. Like most area burger spots, diners can expect patties and dogs topped with signature sauces, rich shakes, and crispy fries. Worth noting on […]

The ’Wiching Hour: GCDC’s Kim-Cheese-Steak

The Sandwich: The Kim-Cheese-Steak Where: GCDC, 1730 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Price: $11 Bread: Sliced white bread Stuffings: Cheddar blend, Number 1 Sons’ kimchi, spicy sauce, Korean-style roast beef Thickness: 1 inch Pros: The salty and sour kimchi, created by the local fermentation experts at Number 1 Sons, boosts the bland bread and cheese combo and […]

The ’Wiching Hour: Bub and Pop’s Beef Brisket

The Sandwich: Pop’s Beef Brisket Where: Bub and Pop’s, 1815 M St. NW Price: $8 for a half, $13 for a whole Bread: White hoagie roll Stuffings: Beef brisket, apple-horseradish cream, five-year aged Gouda, veal jus Thickness: 4 inches Pros: The piles of paper-thin brisket burst with slow-roasted flavor. It’s rich, but it won’t leave […]