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World’s Most Expensive Ale

What could possibly cause a bottle of beer to sell at auction for $1,850? You might be guessing that it's laced with heroin or made with water from the Fountain of Youth. Nope. John Stallwood of Nail Brewery in Perth, Australia, avoided the illegal and the supernatural in brewing up his limited edition Antarctic Nail […]

Now You Can Be a Soldier in the ABV Wars

We've been covering the ongoing struggle to brew the world's strongest beer, but until now it's been a battle in a far away land that had little to do with the good people of DC. The instigator of the ABV arms race is Scotland's BrewDog, which insists on pairing its ridiculously high-alcohol creations (Tactical Nuclear […]

TGIF: The Magical Beer Bathtub

The ice melts in reverse, revealing hidden message. Utterly pointless? Absolutely. Sort of cool? Yeah, sure. Follow The Lagerheads on Twitter | on Facebook

Best Autumn Beers?

The leaves are falling. You've got a sweater on. It's time to make it official: reach for you favorite fall beer. The Lagerheads suggested some not-so-conventional fall beers back when we noticed the first pumpkin spice bombs hitting the shelves in August. Now that D.C. weather has finally caught up, we want to know what […]

Don’t Like Pouring It? Then Take It Off The Menu

I was at a friend's house last night, enjoying some bottles of Great Divide's Hades, a 7.8-percent Belgian Ale. After a few hours, we decided to grab dinner at bar in Columbia Heights. It was late and I knew I had to work in the morning, but I was in the mood for another beer. […]