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Remixology: Make Us A Drink With Wasabi Powder

Bartender: Joe Ambrose Where: POV Lounge at W Washington, D.C. hotel, 515 15th St. NW Mystery Ingredient: Wasabi powder Bartender Response: “I was kind of relieved,” Ambrose said. “I do hot [cocktails] all the time.” Then he tried a bit of the powder and found it “a lot less potent than I thought.” So now […]

Remixology: Make Us A Drink With Chia Seeds

If only the bartender knew to soak the chia seeds...

Remixology: Make Us a Drink With Fish Sauce

Chaplin’s Restaurant & Bar owner Micah Wilder combines fish sauce and mezcal.

The Latest Artisanal Craft Cocktail Ingredient: Gatorade

Your hangover and hangover cure in one glass.

Remixology: Make Us a Drink With Doritos

Doritos go surprisingly well with vodka, whiskey, and milk.

Renovated POV Lounge Highlights D.C. Bureaucracy With Red Tape Wall

There's also a "White House Corner" and a "Washington Monument Corner."

Remixology: Make Us A Drink With Warheads

A cocktail with Warheads and coffee? Yum, actually.

Remixology: Make Us a Drink With Mustard Powder

Bartender: Frankie Jones Where: The Gibson, 2009 14th St. NW Mystery Ingredient: Colman’s mustard powder Bartender Response: A fit of laughter that resulted in Jones dropping the tin of mustard and spilling powder on the floor. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen powdered mustard,” he said. What We Got: A very bold rum and Kümmel […]

Remixology: Make Us a Drink With Jasmine Flower Confit

Bartender: Ian Shores Where: Vapiano, 623-625 H St. NW Mystery Ingredient: Confit of jasmine flowers (available at Dean & Deluca or online) Bartender Response: Shores unscrewed the tiny jar of jasmine jelly with trepidation. “I was a little taken aback, especially when I opened it up and there were actually flowers in there,” he said. […]

Remixology: Make Us a Drink With Strawberry Go-Gurt

Bartender: Boris Stojkovic Where: Copperwood Tavern, 4021 Campbell Ave., Arlington Mystery Ingredient: SpongeBob Squarepants Strawberry Riptide Go-Gurt Bartender Response: Stojkovic wasn’t familiar with Go-Gurt, the slightly scary drinkable yogurt packaged in a tube and marketed to kids, but he knew he could work with yogurt: “Yogurt is something we grew up eating in Serbia.” His […]