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Weekend Feed: Bob & Edith’s in Arlington

Bob & Edith's Diner 2310 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204 (703) 920-6103 Bob & Edith's offers, depending on how you count them, five or six different steak-and-egg combinations, in addition to breakfast platters that include turkey, bologna, and half-smokes. Such a wealth of wacky options allows you to never order the same thing twice, but […]

Weekend Feed: The Diner in Adams Morgan

The Diner 2453 18th St., Washington, DC 20009 (202) 232-8800 The Diner is fine. In fact, everything at the Diner is so fine that I imagine the restaurant was dreamed up somewhere in Northern Finland by a mad scientist bent on creating food that elicits neither complaint nor praise, food that will absolutely satisfy you […]

Weekend Feed: Pot Belly Sandwich Works

Pot Belly Sandwich Works 1400 Irving St, Washington, DC 20009 (202) 232-5777 Overshadowed in the news that red meat will shave years off your life is an even more terrifying prospect: Deli meats will send your clogs skyward, too. So those turkey sandwiches you’ve been virtuously choking down? Might as well have had an Angry […]

Something Not Terribly Vegetarian

I didn't get to Tallula in time to see Nathan Anda do some butchering. But the former Tallula chef, who's heading up the Neighborhood Restaurant Group's cured-meat initiative, Red Apron, had plenty to show me.

For Children Who Are Considering Restaurant Careers

Frank Morales III, executive chef at Rustico, is addressing a group of ninth graders from the Minnie Howard campus of T.C. Williams who are considering restaurant careers. "When you get in the restaurant business, it's really cool," he says. "You get to choose where you'll work 80 hours a week." Morales is a natural ham […]

My Fridge

And yet all I could figure out to eat for lunch was a cheese-and-mustard sandwich.

Extreme Wine Tasting

Ten years after Kris Mullins moved to the Outer Banks, a period of time that saw him going from waiting tables to owning restaurants, he had an epiphany. "There's gotta be more to things than this," he thought. Through his restaurants, he'd gotten the wine bug; he packed it all in, sold the restaurants, and […]

Morning at Buzz

Josh Short's day began at 4 a.m. The pastry chef at Alexandria's Buzz Bakery arrives as the night crew finishes baking the day's cupcakes. Many of these will be sold at Buzz, but Neighborhood Restaurant Group, which owns Buzz, also wholesales to places like Peregrine Espresso, Misha's in Old Town, and On the Fly. Short […]