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Does This Cocktail Make You Horny? Casa Oaxaca’s Besamo Mucho

For Valentine's Day, Casa Oaxaca in Adams Morgan is serving a special romantic cocktail made with damiana, a Mexican flower the Mayans and Aztecs believed to be an aphrodisiac, effective for both men and women. Does it really make you horny? Y&H special cocktail correspondent Alex Baca reports from the scene: 5:05 p.m.: My date […]

Café Olé: How Counter Culture Took Over D.C. Coffee

On a recent Friday morning, Bryan Duggan is asking the dozen or so people assembled in front of him what they think the grounds of an Ecuadorian roast smell like. Self-professed coffee philistines and scruffy, plaid-bedecked twentysomethings I recognize as baristas at Filter Coffeehouse and Big Bear Café offer up “tamarind,” “sweet potatoes,” and “moss” […]

Cocktail Guess: ‘Make me a tequila cocktail with no citrus or peel’

Location: Big Bear Cafe, 1700 1st St. NW Bartender response: “You know almost everything has citrus in it, right?” What we got: Tequila with cherry juice and ginger beer How it tasted: Sharp, spicy and refreshing Price: $7 Improv points (1-5): 3. Cherry is a stone fruit, not citrus. Our bartender earns a point for […]

Cocktail Guess: ‘Make Me Something Classically Old Fashioned, But Not A Classic Old Fashioned’

Location: Columbia Room, 1021 7th St. NW Bartender response: “ you have a spirit preference?” What we got: An “old-fashioned” dry martini made with Plymouth gin, dry vermouth, orange bitters, and lemon oil How it tasted: Mild, with bitter citrus notes Price: $14 Improv points (1–5): 3. He switched up the type of spirit, but […]

Weekend Crowd Crams Round Two of Grey D.C. Market at Local 16

On Saturday, a line snaked around the block at 16th and U streets NW—which isn't that unexpected for Local 16, one of U Street's notable late-night party spots. But the cause was a bit different. The second installment of the Grey D.C. Market, a "parallel market" which doesn't require health department certification of its vendors, was […]

Perpetually Low-Priced Eggs Out of Easy Reach of Most D.C. Residents

WTOP reports that Wegmans food markets, that family-owned chain of grocery stores to end all grocery stores, will be freezing prices on 40 "staple products" that are most frequently purchased by families: The products include orange juice, coffee, cereal, bananas, red peppers, pasta and sauce. Also on the list are chicken, ground beef, salmon, tilapia, […]

D.C. Grey Farmers Market Steps Out From the Shadows

Sunday's kick-off event for the D.C. Grey Farmers Market, the subject of last week's Young & Hungry's column, appeared to go off without a hitch. A small side room in Kushi Izakaya & Sushi near Mount Vernon Square played host to the market, which was originally slated to be held in Petworth. The majority of […]

Vegetable Underground: D.C.’s First Gray Farmers’ Market Goes Legal—By Accident

Once upon a time—last week, in fact—the inaugural D.C. Grey Farmers Market was to be held at an undisclosed location in Petworth. To skirt the law, would-be attendees had to subscribe to a newsletter that would alert them via e-mail where they should go on Sunday, Jan. 30. Because the Grey Market would be hosted […]