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Cocktail Guess: “I’m Heartbroken. Make Me a Drink.”

Where: The Heights, 3115 14th St. NW Bartender Response: He suggested a high-proof beer and vodka cocktail. What We Got: Moscow Mule with Ultimat Vodka, house ginger-lime syrup, and Gosling’s Ginger Beer. Price: $9 How It Tasted: Like a ginger-y limeade. Improv Points (1-5): 3. A high-proof drink is a common salve for heartbreak, but […]

Cocktail Guess: Make Me Something to Celebrate Passing My Midterm Exam

Where: Darlington House, 1610 20th St. NW Bartender Response: “Congratulations.” What We Got: A margarita with Milagro Silver tequila, agave, and lemon juice, served with salt on the rocks Price: $11 How It Tasted: The agave and lemon rendered this margarita more grown-up than the standard sour-mix version. Improv Points (1–5): 1. Margaritas echo our […]

Cocktail Guess: Make Me Something For a Rainy Day

Where: Comet Ping Pong, 5037 Connecticut Ave. NW Bartender Response: “How about some sunshine?” What We Got: Grey Goose vodka, citrus Pucker, and pineapple juice in a martini glass with lemon, salt, sugar, and an orange slice on the rim Price: $9 How It Tasted: Like a less sweet screwdriver Improv Points (1-5): 5. When […]

Cocktail Guess: Make Me Something Southern

Where: Eatonville, 2121 14th St. NW Bartender Response: “Uh, a mint julep?” What We Got: We asked for something a bit more creative—Eatonville specializes in Southern cuisine—and got the Hurricane Zora with Pyrat Rum XO Gold, passion fruit, orange juice, and grenadine garnished with a cherry and an orange slice. Price: $10 How It Tasted: […]

Cocktail Guess: It’s My Birthday. Make Me a drink.

Location: Room 11, 3234 11th St. NW Bartender Response: “What if I made you what I’d like to drink on my birthday?” What We Got: The 4th Regiment with Redemption rye, Dolin Rouge sweet vermouth, Peychaud’s bitters, Regan’s Orange Bitters No. 6, and Scrappy’s celery bitters with a lemon peel How It Tasted: Sweet, savory, […]

Cocktail Guess: I Just Got Back From Vacation. Make Me a Drink.

Where: The Queen Vic, 1206 H St. NE Bartender Response: “All our cocktails are beer cocktails.” What We Got: A Cardiff Bluebird with Blackthorn cider, Stoli Blueberi vodka, and Sprite Price: $7.27 How It Tasted: Faintly fruity and sweet, reminiscent of many white wines. The aftertaste was bland, like the seemingly flat Sprite. Improv Points […]

Cocktail Guess: Make Me a Drink Worthy of an Olympic Gold Medal

Where: Sidebar, 8081 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring Bartender Response: Laughter What We Got: A “Private Dancer” with berry-infused Plymouth gin, agave syrup, and lemon juice, garnished with a basil leaf Price: $10 How It Tasted: Our drinking companion described it as “Smarties in a glass.” The drink was fruity and tart, and the large, flat […]

Cocktail Guess: Make Me a Ridiculously Colorful Drink

Where: Poste, 555 8th St. NW Bartender Response: “Vodka, rum, or tequila?” (We asked for anything but tequila.) What We Got: Bacardi rum, crème de violette, blue curaçao, and sour mix, garnished with a fuschia orchid Price: $10 How It Tasted: Colorful drinks can never escape their reputation as sweet and fruity. But here, the […]

Cocktail Guess: Make Me a Patriotic Drink

Where: Tonic, 3155 Mount Pleasant St. NW Bartender response: “Like something you’d drink at a cookout?” What we got: Tanqueray, lime juice, and blackberry schnapps served over ice Price: $11 How it tasted: Tart and boozy. The lime juice was the standout element in this cocktail, and almost entirely masked the Tanqueray.Improv points (1–5): 3. […]

Boozy BORF Beverage Wins Y&H’s You Call That an Artini? Contest

Last night was judgment night at Fruit Bat: We, the writers of the bi-weekly "Cocktail Guess" column, along with host Erik Holzherr, owner of the cocktail-centric boite on H Street NE, picked a winner in the You Call That an Artini? contest. An average of the judges' scores suggested victory for  Scott Stead's "Bitch Set […]