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Mr. Smith’s of Georgetown Will Close Near the End of the Month


Georgetown institution and "the friendliest saloon in town" Mr. Smith's will close its location of nearly 50 years around the end of the month. General manager Juan Andino says the Boston-based landlord wants to raise the rent, and "we can't afford that."

But that doesn't necessarily mean this is the end of Mr. Smith's. Andino tells Y&H the restaurant is looking to relocate, hopefully in Georgetown.

Mr. Smith's is known for its sing-a-long piano bar, hidden garden patio, and worn-in decor of antique mirrors and Tiffany lamps. Stay tuned for the exact closing date and possible goodbye discounts.

Photo via Mr. Smith's


    This is sad news to hear because I use to visit Mr. Smith' back in the 80's with some friends attending Georgetown University. I hope they will find another location in Georgetown.

  • Steve

    Great.... another overpriced "SMALL PLATES" restaurant with BIG PLATE prices. I'm going to miss that Piano Man.

  • Alex

    ^^^ SO MUCH THIS!

  • sizz

    wow, that's a damn shame. local institution.

  • Montgomery Burns

    The "Georgetown Mafia" is pushing out local establishments in lieu of tourist traps and visiting dollars. Let the tourists go someplace else. Bring back Mr. Smith's! What's next for our deal town? The end of Rhino Bar? The Irish Times packs up? Another low-brow discount chain store? Bah! Stop the madness!

  • Michael C

    Nathan's was replaced by an unsuccessful awful idiotic ice cream parlor.Third Edition is gone. So are Garrett's, Hamburger Hamlet, the Guard's, Blackie's, and au pied du couchion. Parts of Georgetown should be designated for taverns only. Screw the overbearing ANC's they killed the goose by trying to make another Beverly Hills. They only drove commerce away. Bring back the people and the tavern license!

  • Michael C


  • JP

    Pushing them out for tourist traps? Mr. Smith's has become a tourist trap as their patrons are Gtown students, Gtown alumni from the 80's, and visitors from out of town who think anything past Dupont is "sketchy".

    It's the landlord's fault because they still think Georgetown is the cream of the crop for retail, when 14th Street and City Center are blowing them away!

  • devsevier

    Come to Hyattsville! !!

  • Delempicka

    Is there any way to create some resistance to these money-grubbing landlords? I'm sick of their greed destroying landmark DC institutions.

  • Sadie Dingfelder

    OK, am I crazy? There is no piano. The thing at Mr. Smith's is just, like, a table that holds a keyboard. It is the dumbest thing. Now they have more room can't they get a proper instrument?