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Bullfrog Bagels Is Back, Now at CakeLove


Bullfrog Bagels unleashed a little bit of bagel hysteria when founder Jeremiah Cohen began selling his New York-style rounds at Cork Market over two weekends a couple months ago.

Now, the bagel-maker is back, this time at CakeLove’s 1506 U St. NW location from July 17 through 27. If you haven’t heard about them, Cohen’s bagels use a wild, young levain (a less sour sourdough starter) rather than commercial yeast and are hand-rolled and boiled in small batches. Flavors include everything, onion, poppy seed, sesame, and plain—all for $1.50 each or $18 per baker’s dozen. Bullfrog also offers bialys plus three types of cream cheese and some new schmears, like smoked whitefish salad, Scottish-style smoked salmon, and pastrami-crusted smoked salmon.

All pre-orders must be placed at least one day before pick-up using Bullfrog’s new online ordering system. Each order is limited to two dozen bagels and bialys. You can also just stop by the shop to grab some.

Photo by Jessica Sidman


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    $1.50/bagel?! What celebreity is hand rolling these things? I know...."It's just $ cheap are you?" It's not that it's $1.50., it's the idea that places jack up prices when there's a "craze" for a certain place or item and folks just go along with it. When are folks going to stop over-paying out of principle?

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    I normally don't respond to comments, but $1.50 for a hand rolled bagel is a good deal. If you go to Whole Foods, you get a machine-made par-baked bagel for almost the same price. I have a business that makes bagels and its a ton of work.

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    $1 a bagel at Main Street Bagel Deli in Fairfax

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    Really wesley....Whole Foods is your place for comparison? What do you charge for your bagel at your business? What's the name of your business? I'll hapily try bagels from your place.

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    Tried some today - never again. All soft and no crispness whatsoever.

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