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Crime Forces Closure of Petworth’s Fusion Restaurant


After four break-ins in the past year, Fusion Restaurant owner Barry Dindyal (who also runs Hitching Post) has decided to close his six-year-old Indian spot at 4815 Georgia Ave. NW. Dindyal says the burglars, who have not yet been caught, stole or damaged more than $35,000 worth of property. They targeted the flatscreen TVs, cash register, computer system, and liquor. The first couple times, the burglars kicked down the back door, and after Dindyal reinforced it, they took out the entire door frame. Dindyal says he also had security cameras, but the criminals wore masks.

"I can't see any end to the problem, so I decided to just throw the towel in," Dindyal says.

Dindyal says he's hoping to reopen Fusion across from Hitching Post on Upshur Street NW, although he doesn't have a lease yet. In the meantime, he will feature some of his Indian dishes on the menu of the Southern comfort restaurant. Fusion's last day was Sunday.

Fusion was one of the most popular restaurants in the neighborhood, along with Moroni and Brothers Pizza, which also closed in December. "This whole block is pretty much dying," Dindyal says.

Photo via Fusion Restaurant

  • CTK

    Well, that's a bummer.

  • yup

    This is why we can't have nice things.

  • petworthy

    At this rate, we won't have any things.

  • Corky

    That's a damn shame. But I understand why he left. I moved out of a neighborhood I really liked years ago after I had a break in. It's just not worth it sometimes.

  • Marta

    HORRIBLE News! :( Fusion was a Wonderful Place.
    Hope Barry can reopen Soon!!!!

  • Revenge Rabbit

    ...and a few years after all these places close and the neighborhood is devoid of businesses other than liquor stores- all thanks to break-ins, thefts, hold-ups, etc.- you'll get the community activists and ward councilmembers crying and whining for growth, claiming anti-neighborhood bias because new businesses don't want to open there. If I was a business owner, you bet your *ss I'd be "biased" against opening in a neighborhood where it was a matter of time until I was vandalized, robbed, or even killed.