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Grilled Cheese Restaurant GCDC Opens Today


GCDC opens today at 11 a.m., serving grilled cheese for lunch and expanding to cheese and charcuterie boards paired with beers, wines, and cocktails for the evening happy hour crowd. Tomorrow, GCDC will celebrate faux-holiday National Grilled Cheese Day with $5 grilled cheese sandwiches and half-priced draft beers from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The restaurant comes from the father-son team Bruce and Steven Klores, who've brought in cheesemonger Sophie Slesigner for additional fromage expertise. The menu features six sandwiches to start (plus build-your-own options), including the Kim-Cheese Steak with cheddar, kimchi, and roast beef as well as the pasta-inspired Grilled Carbonara with gruyere, goat cheese, leaks, and pancetta. You can also get soup and tater tots, which, obviously, are also covered in cheese.

In the evenings, GCDC will feature up to 20 rotating domestic and international cheeses, plus charcuterie and some small plates. The drink selection includes 20 beers, 15 wines, and cocktails that can pair with some of the cheeses. Bruce, who grew up in South Brooklyn, also pays tribute to his roots in the form of a classic egg cream.

Read more about how GCDC came about in Y&H's previous coverage. Check out the lunch menu below.

GCDC, 1730 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, (202) 393-4332;

Photos courtesy GCDC

  • Becky B

    Wondering IF you'll could have Gluten Free bread for you delicious sandwiches? Unfortunately for me, my body has the disease that kills the digestive tract celia (Celiac Disease) so wheat, barley, rye and oats are out of my league, unless they are Gluten Free!! sad. however, your sandwiches sound delicious. I'm glad I saw you all on Fox 5 introducing you to us in the metro-DC area. THANKS FOR YOU CONSIDERING the possibility. (P.S.: some new beers have come out as Gluten Free!!)

  • tomaj

    Who will be the first to ponder the question of why people should pay $10 for a comfort-food-staple? Does the sandwich in the photo above seem to be worth that price? Yes, yes, artisanal ingediants and all, and I'm sure it's good, but they're charging much more than Taylor Gourmet does for their regular sandwiches.

  • debbie

    Wow. Look at the two whiney brats. Get off the gluten free bandwagon already. And if you cannot afford a sandwich at a restaurant, don't go!

  • Taylor Lange

    Comment #1 Yes. Gluten free bread can be substituted.

    Comment #2 I cannot speak to Taylor Gourmets food cost. But working in the kitchen at GCDC, there is around 3 1/3 ounces of cheese on each sandwich. This is important to consider since the cheeses used include Barbers and Tillamook, for the cheddar sandwiches, and alternatively, a blend of Le Gruyere and Alps (also a gruyere) cheeses.

    The soup is also batched out every day. We have actually taken to making additional batches during service (It was the second thing did this morning).