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Remingtons to Close, Continuing Capitol Hill Dive Bar Death Knell

remingtonsAnother death has come to Capitol Hill. With the old Hawk 'n' Dove buried, dirt still fresh on the graves of 18th Amendment and Lil Pub, and Pour House and Top of the Hill in hospice, Remingtons has confirmed that it will close its doors after happy hour on Monday.

Was the bar, an utterly non-updated country western gay spot with some of the worst carpet in the Southeast quadrant, in need of a facelift? Sure. But when I stopped in on Saturday night to watch some guy belt out Man of La Mancha showtunes during karaoke, the decor was a nonissue. If you want to cram into a glossy box of cool people and sip a cocktail for the price of a dinner entree, there are plenty of places on 14th Street NW (and increasingly the Hill) that will take your $14. If you want to wear whatever the hell you want and chat with decent, friendly strangers over cheap beers, your options in my neighborhood are rapidly depleting.

As reported by PoPville, the building, located at 639 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, was sold a year ago and will be renovated. If a Potbelly moves in, I'm moving out.

  • Alex

    Just keep your filthy $14 cocktail, $20 small plate-slinging hands off of Trusty's.

  • In Mourning

    I'll never forget the time I ran into aging ranchers from Montana sitting at the edge of the dance floor sipping beers, checking out the guys in tight Wranglers, western shirts and boots, muttering repeatedly, "Cute as shit! Cute as shit!" Both ranchers were in DC to deal with a Bureau of Land Management issue, admittedly having a tryst while leaving the wives back home in Montana. Remington's was that kind of place.

    Friendly, blue collar and unassuming back in the day, welcoming across the age spectrum to locals and gay folks from far out in rural Maryland and Virginia counties alongside "curious" Marines from the nearby barracks. Remington's had a unique, special place in DC gay life.

  • Arthur Delaney


  • VonniMediaMogul

    I walked in there twice over a year ago and only stayed out of politeness to my friends. No surprise that they are closing. From what I saw I was expecting them to have closed that week

  • VonniMediaMogul

    Now I'm just waiting on The Fireplace in Dupont Circle to close. It was equally as gaudy and outdated but at least they were capable of bringing actual foot traffic

  • Jane

    Trusty's is sacred, but I refuse to shed a tear over 18th Amendment.

  • Just Sayin’

    Does anybody remember Gallgher's on that block? Now THAT was a worthy dive.

  • Just Sayin’

    I mean Gallagher's. Just thinking of it makes me drunk, I guess.

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  • Stephanie

    While I don't think I'll ever totally get over the deaths of Hawk n'Dove or Pour House (Politiki!),all I can say in regards to 18th Amendment is GOOD F*@#$ING RIDDANCE. The place used to be decent, but the shitpig manager's decision to pander to the worst possible customers ran it straight into the ground. Unfortunately, it seemed like the same thing happened to Remington's; anyone who went in there over the past year will know exactly what I mean. If anything happens to Tune Inn I'm going postal.

  • Rodeo Dude

    It's sad to see an old friend fade away. I spent many hours at Remingtons in the 90s and early 2000s. I met many wonderful people there, who influenced my life in many ways. Remingtons did give back to the LBGT community with support for/to charity events. The venue will be missed by many. In the day, Steve and Dick aka; Miss Management; were not the easiest guys to deal with. But after long negotiations, they would always come thru with some assistance to the cause at hand. DJ Anne, Corey & Stan set the mood for the evening. They were legendary. Veteran bar tenders like, Howard, Taco & Travis made you feel welcome. "Where everybody knows your name". I traveled with the rodeo throughout the USA and Canada and Remingtons was one of the top gay country western places to visit. The Round-up in Dallas was the only night club I thought was better than Remington and it closed several years ago. Things change but memories last a life time. RIP old friend.