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Silo Loses the Swiss Twist, Revamps Menu


Silo in Mount Vernon Square—the modern American restaurant with a "Swiss-French twist"—got off to a pretty rocky start. It's chef, George Vetsch, a veteran of C.F. Folk's, left within three monthsPost critic Tom Sietsema called the place a "Swiss miss/mess." And personally, I had one very perplexing meal there with fish in a creamy sauce, grapefruit segments, and French fries all on the same plate. I'm still scratching my head over that one.

Seeking a fresh start, Silo ditched that Swiss/French flare and now describes itself as a "modern American bistro." The restaurant also brought in chef Michael Walters to consult on an completely new menu with chef de cuisine Calvin Di Giovanni. Walters worked in the kitchens of big shots like Jean-Louis PalladinMichel Richard, José Andrés, and Roberto Donna before moving to Florida to open his own restaurant. While he's working at Silo, he'll also be spending his mornings as the production chef at Barcelona Wine Bar.

Silo's new menu launches today. Want a taste? The chefs will give out free samples of the new appetizers next Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. The restaurant will also have an all-night happy hour on select drinks and appetizers plus a 20-percent discount on all other menu items that night.

Check out the new menu below.

Silo, 919 5th St. NW; (202) 309-0073;

Photos courtesy Silo

  • JT

    I can't comment on the previous menu, never having eaten at Silo. But I can say that this menu is seriously boring. Did they seriously have to consult someone to come up with this? It looks like the same menu I would expect to find at every other below-average to average restaurant in DC. Or any other American city.

    I understand they're in retreat mode now that the previous experiment failed. But it's unfortunate that they have to resort to delivering unexceptional food just to get customers.

  • Hungry

    Didn't this Walters dude open his own place on M St. A while back? I think he enjoys licensed beverages a lot.

    This is clearly saloon food for the convention center crowd and doesn't merit serious consideration.!

  • Jane

    They needed a "consultant" to create a menu that looks like it came from a hospital cafeteria? Truffle oil is just gauche!

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