Young and Hungry

Mothership Serves D.C.’s Most D.C. Pizza

Finally, someone has outdone the U Street Taco, Washington City Paper’s creation of a half-smoke wrapped in a jumbo slice. Park View restaurant Mothership not only tops one of its pizzas with half-smokes, but also slathers it in mumbo sauce. Owner/chef Stephan Boillon explains he was already making his own mumbo sauce for wings, and the brunch menu includes a half-smoke in a blanket. So why not combine them? The result is D.C.’s most D.C. pizza. The $16 pie, available for dinner and late-night, is nicknamed the “Go-Go” pizza. Bonus cred: One of Mothership’s dishwashers was involved in an early incarnation of D.C.’s Backyard Band.

pizza-900 (1)

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • MjRohwer

    This place never fails to impress. From pajama brunch to an under-rated happy hour, I cannot get enough from these folks!

  • Novatronic

    That's just sad.

  • Dave B

    Or you could just skip to the good stuff and get a cooked half smoke or two from butcher in Eastern Market for $2.25 each. Two of them is quite the lunch