Young and Hungry

Shit Whole Foods Ran Out Of

Even the whiff of snow will turn Whole Foods into a war zone of tote-carrying yuppies fighting over the last jar of organic peanut butter. Yesterday, with actual inches of powder looming, lines at the Logan Circle Whole Foods stretched two lengths of the store. Many shelves were left barren. Here are 12 items that were gone or almost gone by 8 p.m.:

1. Vegan oat scones


2. Dried mango slices


3. Chicken stock


4. Peanut butter

photo (6)

5. Antibiotic and hormone free beef


6. Organic heavy cream


7. Beyond Meat chicken-free strips


8. Tropicana orange tangerine juice and grapefruit juice


9. Dark chocolate, salted caramel, Tahitian vanilla, Sicilian pistachio, and black cherry Talenti Gelato


10. Local Michele's Granola


11. Diced tomatoes


12. Q Tonic agave-sweetened ginger ale

ginger (6)

Photos by Jessica Sidman

  • http://WashingtonCityNews Marla Burke

    I'm amazed at the kind of mindset that makes folks run out and buy staples like it's the end of the world. It's snow for God's sake and restaurants will still be open and so will your local 24 hour convenience stores.

    I've lived through winters in Montana and Idaho. Some storms would keep us indoors for a day or two, but we never needed to strip our stores bare.

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  • Laura Esauivel

    These are not staples. period.

  • Jay

    What about the condoms?! Winter PAX snow snow babies in 9 months.

  • Jane

    Here in DC, vegan oat scones and Talenti gelato qualify as staples for a certain subset of people.*

    * = who deserve to be punched

  • Greg Fisher

    or it's just bad stock control...

  • Wayne

    I would think bottled water would go first...but maybe they plan on melting the snow.

  • jeni


  • Bargain

    Come on, you're cherrypicking these a little. I was there last night for eggs, which they were out of too. People didn't go to Whole Foods just for what you've featured. These items and many others were sold out last night.

  • not surprised

    The Logan Circle Whole Foods store already has the highest volume turnover of all the WF stores in the MidAtlantic region. Also, there are always long lines at 8 pm in that WF, most days a week, no matter the forecast.

    A side note: Tropicana is not a very yippie purchase, especially considering that the store has a machine in the produce section that squeezes organic oranges and bottles the fresh juice for you.

  • Raised in MT

    I understand the storms are pretty bad there As well as the cold. We have some pretty damn cold winters here in Montana as well, not to mention getting dumped on with snow. I've got a few more groceries then usual just so I may not have to go out. But I've never seen the store stripped bare like we're expecting Armageddon...But I have never been anywhere where they shut the stores down due to weather...Stay safe & warm!

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  • Jessica YOu Rule!

    Oh Jessica, how much more transgressive can you be? You so rule! Putting the word S!H!I!T! in the lede, especially when it's about food. You go girl. That's just the sort of thing we like to read. Keep up the good work. They'd be so proud of you at Jschool for breaking all the rules.

  • Judith Claire

    Why not stock up on some oatmeal, canned soup,green beans,peanut butter and some tuna? Should Whole Foods hire trucks with chains on their tires and a police escort?