Young and Hungry

Get Rose’s Luxury’s “Fuck Perfect” Sign Without Stealing It


If you haven't read it yet, this week's Y&H column delves into why diners steal just about everything—silverware, posters, bar stools—from restaurants and bars. One recent victim: Rose's Luxury, which lost the framed "fuck perfect" sign in its upstairs restroom last week.

Along with the neon "awesome" sign down stairs (don't worry, it's still there), "fuck perfect" was something like an unofficial motto for the restaurant, making the frame's disappearance even more disappointing.

Thankfully, Silverman says he's already bought two replacements. So here's an idea: Don't steal them, buy your own. sells the same print from illustrator Chris Piascik not just for your wall, but emblazoned on iPhone cases, throw pillows, and even baby onesies.

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