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Bar di Bari to Be Replaced by Red Light


Restaurateur Aaron Gordon plans to replace his 14th Street NW "European-style" cafe Bar di Bari with a new concept. Gordon referred Y&H to his publicist Lindley Thornburg, who could only confirm that the name of the place will be Red Light. Thornburg could not say when the change will take place.

Gordon also owns Drafting TableTangysweet, and Red Velvet Cupcakery. Stay tuned for more details.

Photo by Jessica Sidman

  • Miss Maplecrotch

    Please. Someone put Bar di Bari out of its misery. No atmosphere, uninspired food, terrible sandwiches. Shout out to the tuna pecan pasta salad, though. I'm not totally heartless. It's golden real estate. On a corner in one of the most up and coming culinary corridors in DC. Cozy that bitch up, eradicate the BORING Starbucks like interior and elevate the food and bev. Make it a place people want to hang out.

  • alpinepaq

    The combination of our knowledge of how off the mark Bar di Bari was (is it a bar? a coffee shop? a lounge? a restaurant? and why is it bad at being all of those things?) with the name "Red Light" which just sounds sleazy, does not give me much hope for the new venture.

  • Jane

    Is it just me or does a 14th Street restaurant called "Red Light" seem really tasteless?

  • kevin

    I'm really hoping it is not just a bar for the NoVa/MD crowd.

  • Dreamworks

    Thank you. I thought this place had an identity crisis shortly after it opened. Coffee bar? Wine bar? Prepared Foods shop? And then when they closed at around 5PM. you could sound the death knell. Hope they figure something out. It's good real estate.