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The ’Wiching Hour: Capriotti’s The Bobbie


The Sandwich: The Bobbie®—yes it’s registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Where: Capriotti’s, 1800 M St. NW

Price: $7.49/nine inches, $9.99/12 inches, $15.99/20 inches

Bread: A strangely luminous white sub roll

Stuffings: Roast turkey, bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayonnaise.

Thickness: 2.75 inches

Pros: The turkey looks like the stuff of Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches, but the shredded dark and white meat tastes a little dry on its own. It regains some juiciness from the mayo and a plentiful serving of jellied cranberry sauce that brightens the monochrome muck. An acidic cranberry tang also attacks the Bobbie’s aggressive salinity. Cons: Where’s the texture? Everything in the Bobbie feels as mushy as mashed potatoes. The stuffing could use some celery crunch; the cranberry sauce would benefit from whole berries. The squishy Thanksgiving fare melded with globs of mayonnaise and an incredibly chewy roll makes this beige sandwich appear to be premasticated.

Sloppiness level (1 to 5): 1. The excessive slather of mayonnaise glues it all together, which is too bad: A Thanksgiving sandwich should leave some chin dribble.

Overall Score (1 to 5): 2. Dousing this bland sandwich in condiments only does so much; nothing can make up for wet stuffing. You’re much better off waiting until the day after Thanksgiving, and crafting a sandwich of your own.

Photo by Caroline Jones 

  • S Tara

    I don't think you should be allowed to write about sandwiches anymore. Also, who wants "chin dribble" while eating a sub that's not Italian or has fried onions?? That literally makes no sense. Cap's offers you Thanksgiving food all year round and you're just going to throw it in their face?? For shame...

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  • Jim G

    That was difficult for me to read because it felt so backwards. I'd like to address three of your observations:
    1)"Everything in the Bobbie feels mushy." I disagree on two levels. Tangibly, the Bobbie does provide a range of textures - the bread's exterior is slightly crisp, the turkey is harder than say, slices of Boars Head but it's still succulent, and I'll admit that the stuffing is soft but that's a good thing. On the second and more abstract level, I would argue that a leftover sandwich is supposed to slide down. Spare me from having to chew through flavorless "celery crunch". I also don't want to corral and worry about evenly dispersing the "whole cranberries" that you recommended.
    2) "Excessive slather of mayonnaise.” Like you said in your review of Earl's, “Who cares about a little errant mayonnaise?” Also, if Mayo isn't your thing then just ask for light mayo and your problem is solved.
    3) “A Thanksgiving sandwich should leave some chin dribble”. What are you talking about? We're not reviewing corn on the cob so I am lost. Do you want (whole) cranberries rolling down your chin? Are you suggesting that they add gravy? If so, that won't help your texture problem.

    In my opinion, the Bobbie is a great sub for anyone who likes thanksgiving flavors. I don't work there but I am a longtime fan and I don't want this confused review to prevent people from trying it.

  • James

    This is the first review I've read of yours but it really seems like you're trolling. "strangely luminous"? What are you talking about?

    Pretty absurd to suggest the sandwich eating public wait 320 odd days for a comparable flavor profile.

    My advice:
    1) Find a friend 2)Go to Capriati's 3) Buy one cheesesteak with fried onions and one Bobbie 4)Observe how the bread is not luminous (unless you are eating it with an LED headlamp on in the dark which the author appears to have done) 5) Eat a half of each sandwich 6)Decide for yourself

    (It's fantastic btw)

  • Mary Pat

    I'm all for expressive food writting, but "globs," "mushy," "chin dribble," "monochrome muck," and "wet stuffing" (even in context) are squirm-inducing. Which I suspect was the idea, since you were clearly dissapointed with the Bobbie's performance and wanted to caution others against eating one. But your bad rendezvous isn't everyone's experience. I have nothing but fond memories of delicious encounters with the Bobbie, and plan on picking one up this weekend when I'm hungry. It's a fantastic... sandwhich.

  • SEis4ME

    While I might not agree w/the entire review, the fact that the Bobbie leaves LOTS to be desired is indeed true. Caps shouldn't offer yearround thanksgiving sandwiches because it doesn't taste good enough to remain on the menu throughout seasons.

    The Chicken Steak is much better...

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  • Mike D not Beastie Boys

    The bobbi is an institution, you need to hand in your critic card please.