Young and Hungry

You can Now Pop Open a Can of DC Brau in Philly


Proof that the District's infant beer scene is growing up: DC Brau has expanded its reach beyond the D.C. area and into Pennsylvania.

A limited number of cans of The Corruption, The Public, Penn Quarter Porter, and The Citizen are now available in counties throughout eastern Pennsylvania—including Philadelphia—thanks to a distribution deal with Bella Vista Beer. DC Brau is also available in Virginia and began distributing in Montgomery County last summer, with plans to expand to the rest of Maryland in the coming months. When it first launched in 2011, DC Brau was the District's first production brewery in 55 years.

Next step: world domination?

Photo by Jessica Sidman

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  • Mario

    If only DC Brau actually tasted good I'd be more excited.
    All DC "brewers" should be forced into remedial classes in San Diego to get a tiny clue as to what good beer should taste like. Hard to support local brewers when they all suck and charge $12 a six pack.

  • pjsrock

    Dear Mario,

    Let's get to the true heart of your comments. Yes--it has been cold here. But you are not in San Diego where average temps hover around the 75 degree mark and you can go to the beach just about every day. Furthermore, your comments strongly suggest that you have not ever been to Philly, am I correct? If you had, you would have had an associative thought relative to that experience. You did not. In fact, if you knew anything about that great city's beer scene you might have said something that had real relevance. Here's an example: "Wow, that's going to be a tough nut to crack! They are doing such a good job in Philly at Flying Fish and PBC--I was there recently and you should try their Kenzinger--it's outstanding!" Mario, it's ok--sometimes we get stuck. I get it. Here's a suggestion: Tonight when you get home at exactly 6:13 PM, crack open a PBR, put on Miley's "Party in the USA," and open up a San Diego "wave cam" on your tablet so you can find your center again. After that, rehearse what you will say to your boss when you work up the nerve to ask for a raise. IF you get it the raise, look on your calendar and figure out when you can fly out to San Diego, which clearly is where you want to be. Or not.