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Basement Bar Jackpot Now Open in Chinatown

IMG_6615A low-key place to drink in the heart of Chinatown? Yes, really. Jackpot, the latest bar from Iron Horse Taproom and Rocket Bar co-owners Curt Large and Geoff Dawson, quietly opened in the basement space below Lime Fresh last week.

Unlike Iron Horse and Rocket Bar, Jackpot has no games. But you will find 24 beers on tap, a handful of classic cocktails, and a sizable whiskey collection. Two cask beers and four wines on draft are coming soon. The bar serves no food, although patrons are welcome to bring in food from elsewhere, and eventually snacks like chips or popcorn will be available.

As you walk down to the basement, you'll see a bunch of old furniture, signs, and knickknacks nailed to the walls—like you're entering your uncle's basement. The bar itself is pretty bare bones, with concrete walls and floors, a few flatscreen TVs, and a long bar that runs the length of the room. The back corner will be used as a stage for live music on weekends.

Check out the full drink menus below.

Jackpot, 726 7th St. NW; (202) 628-5225;

  • Pete

    1. Get relatively cheap to lease space
    2. Price drinks above "dive" and below "outrageous"
    3. Run a smooth service operation without worrying about "food" or "kitchens"
    4. Profit!

  • BlahBlah

    Given how atrocious the experience always was at Rocket Bar and Iron Horse, I expect nothing less than crappy, uninterested bartenders serving wannabe cafe dilettantes in an overpriced, fauxthentic lametown.

  • Jman

    I've always despised Rocketbar, but Iron Horse is one of my favorite bars in Chinatown and the City (Top 20). They always have an intriguing beer selection and I've always had good service there (even when slammed). I've never bothered much with the games.

  • Frigger

    so how many people did despicable scumbag Geoff Dawson f*ck over to get this space? why would anyone patronize any establishment that despicable scumbag owns?

  • Andrew W

    I went here a week or two by randomly finding it. It's a pretty cool spot actually.

  • Andrew W

    uh, what