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What’s Going on with Taylor Charles Steak & Ice? (Updated)

steakTaylor Charles Steak & Ice, the H Street NE cheesesteak spot from the owners of Taylor Gourmet, has been closed in recent days with paper covering the windows. It's unclear if or when it will reopen.

Co-owner Casey Patten did not respond to requests for comment.

"All we can say right now is cheesesteaks are not dead," says publicist Doug Rashid. "I'll have some real info for you soon."

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Taylor Gourmet's owners have registered a new LLC for "Taylor Gourmet Ballpark" at Taylor Charles Steak & Ice's address. Hot dogs perhaps?

Photo of the restaurant before its Dec. 2012 opening by Jessica Sidman


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    No one cares.

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    I care. I love that place. :-\

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    Like all Taylor places, this ones hype doesn't come close to matching the actual service and product.

    I have tried Taylor probably 10 times, including this place. I've given them the benefit of the doubt over, and over again and I just don't get the blogospheres fixation with this place. On a 1-10 scale, with 10 being great...I give it a 6, with Subway coming in at a 4. Certainly not worth the money.

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    Bummer -- I liked it. The white whiz was especially good. Seemed like an oversaturated location for that sort of place, though.

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    Sure would be awesome if they'd put a Taylor Gourmet in the actual ballpark...

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    I'd give actual Taylor a 7.5 or 8 (never been to Steak & Ice). Frankly, having been the G Sandwiches a few times, Taylor might actually be better. G's ingredients are quality, but there's always something missing. Always good not great. But I have had great subs at Taylor, particularly the chicken cutlet and roast pork.

    Offtopic, but my top place is Stachowski, which I think has a better Italian sub than the vaunted Italian Store in Arlington.

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    Uhm, yes. I love that place. Their sammies and fries are amazing.

    One suggestion for anyone reading who manages this place, though: please have ice cream year-round, a working ice cream machine, and sprinkles that don't cost a DOLLAR extra or whatever. That. is. insanity.

    Love you guys, though.

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    Too bad. They served a quality cheesesteak. Hope they keep it on the menu of whatever comes next.

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    Their truffle cheesesteak eggrolls were ahmazing.
    However, their chicken cheeseteak sandwich is one of the worst things I ever ordered in DC. So unbelievably bad.

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    And I forgot to mention that they had the nerve to charge extra for what should've been standard cheesesteak toppings...

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    "And I forgot to mention that they had the nerve to charge extra for what should've been standard cheesesteak toppings..."

    Actually, in Philly there aren't really any "standard" cheesesteak toppings other than cheese and onions. Those are included at Taylor Charles. If you want a steak with green peppers, that's different and more (automatically putting peppers on a cheesesteak is something assumed by non-Philadelphians). If you want tomato sauce - that's a pizza steak and more. If you want LTM, that's a cheesesteak hoagie and more.

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    And since we're talking about Philly. Their cheesesteaks were woefully lacking in meat (should have been a pound of recently sliced shaved ribeye) and more flavor. Plus the bread was eh (didn't use one of the real Bread makers in Philly, bread is 50% of a sammie flavor) It was a shell of a true cheesesteak.

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    "On a 1-10 scale, with 10 being great...I give it a 6, with Subway coming in at a 4. Certainly not worth the money."

    These "not worth the money" comments are so obnoxious (and relative). So, what is worth the money? Is McDonald's $1 Menu worth the money? Considering you'd have to pay me to eat their food, I'd say no. And the cost per volume of an Italian at Taylor's is roughly equivalent to the Italian at Subway, so you'd also have to argue that Subway isn't worth the money.

    Would also love to know what is a 7 or 8. Please don't tell me Mangialardo's or A. Litteri. Both serve fine sandwiches but when you strip out the ambiance/nostalgia factor, they are just that, fine.

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    Listen Anon, just because you don't agree with the comment, doesn't make it obnoxious.

    Cost per volume? What, are they the Costco of overrated sandwiches now?

    Yeah...OK. A truely pedestrian footlong italian sub is 5 bucks at subway. The large italian at Taylor is $10 bucks (sorry, 9.90), and is only slightly better in taste. Twice the price at ~25% better in quality, so from a value proposition, Taylor sucks balls.

    And to answer your question, Stachowski makes the best sandwiches in town.

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    Anon, I'd probably give Bub and Pop's an 8. Maybe even a 9. If Subway is "big sub" in the corporate sense I would say Taylor falls somewhere between them and Bub and Pop's, which has a more genuine, dare I say "mom and pop" feel to it.

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    Some of the commentators here are the worst part of DC. The hype, ugh, who cares, and last and definitely least, Stachowski. If you want to go to Georgetown, please stay away from my H Street. We do not want you here. I would rather die a thousand trust fund bro herpes sore deaths before the GHB took hold rather than go to Georgetown one more time. It would just cut out the middle man and commute. Georgetown is the only place that makes me sympathize with terrorists.

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    Thanks for the update. I walk by the place every day hoping to see the paper coming down. I loved their veggie cheesesteak option, the fries, and the food.

    Hope to see them back up soon.

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    I love this place . Please re-open.

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