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Got a Food or Restaurant Question? We’ll Answer It.

answers-issue-2013-300x171Why are bars and restaurants so crowded? Why is the license to make ice cream in D.C. almost prohibitively expensive? And where can you find South Carolina-style barbecue? Last year, you asked, and we answered.

City Paper's Answers Issue will return in 2014, and our mystery-solving skills are at your service. What have you always wanted to know about D.C. restaurants and food? Submit your questions here.

  • Matthew Yglesias

    I wonder why the proprietors of the good cheap ethnic restaurants of the DC suburbs (Eden Center Vietnamese, Annandale Korean, etc.) don't open up shop in the District? I understand that the rent would be higher in the city than in these random strip malls, but demand for DC dining is sky high and you could charge high prices. Today's urban gentrifiers are hungry for "authentic" Asian food!

  • Yellow blanket

    Are you seriously asking that question?

    Because as you say the rents for one, but just as importantly, there are not the large concentrations of Vietnamese, Korean, Iranian, Lebanese, etc... people as there are in the suburbs. There USED to be good ethnic restaurants in DC, but my dear, times have changed. DC is not an affordable place anymore. In addition to the host of problems that brings, it also brings really mediocre unfun food.