Young and Hungry

Ridiculous Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Dog at Restaurants


The holiday season is no time to leave your four-legged friend caged up at home. This weekend, Clarendon’s La Tagliatella and 14th Street NW’s Café Saint-Ex are giving dog owners no excuses, with pooch-friendly Christmas outings on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

From 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, La Tagliatella, a northern Italian restaurant that received a scathing half-star review from the Post’s Tom Sietsema, will hold photo sessions for D.C. dogs with Santa Claus. The $10 event also include samples off the brunch menu (for humans), with spiked cider and sangria available for $1 per glass. All of the event’s proceeds will go to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.

The puppy parading continues the next morning at Café Saint-Ex's “Wagtime Brunch.” Guests can bring in their warm winter clothing donations when the event starts at 11 a.m., and they might just leave with an extra set of paws in return: Saint-Ex will present shelter dogs from 12-3 p.m. to try to match them with new owners.

And because no holiday party is complete without dressing up your canine, two fashion shows will showcase dogs sporting varying styles. Is Sparky planning on rocking his homely Christmas sweater? Enter him in the “Ugly Fashion Dog Show.” Looking to dress him to the nines? He might have a shot at the title for “Most Dapper Dog."

Chef Jesse Miller will supply homemade dog treats, and hot chocolate and cider will be available for pet owners. Miller will be also be making a batch of “doggies in a blanket”—hopefully he doesn’t use one of yours.

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