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Bandolero Owners’ Son Charged With Felony Assault of Fellow Employee


Cody Umbel, the son of and an employee of Bandolero owners Jonathan and Bethany Umbel, has been charged with felony assault for allegedly punching one of the restaurant's food runners in the face.

The incident allegedly took place at Bandolero around 2 a.m. on Oct. 6. According to a police affidavit and an interview with Y&H, the food runner, who'd worked at Bandolero since its opening, says he sat down at the restaurant's bar with a buddy after his shift. The two were commenting to each other about the type of music that Umbel, who was DJing, was playing. The food runner, who asked not to be named, says Umbel overheard the conversation, walked over, and said, "What the fuck are you talking about?" Umbel then asked the food runner to go outside with him. "I thought he said, 'Do you want do go talk outside?' I didn't really understand. I was like, 'OK.' I didn't think anything of it. I didn't think he was going to do anything," the food runner tells Y&H.

Once outside, Umbel allegedly punched him a few times in the face. The food runner fell to the ground, where he says Umbel continued to punch him in the face. His friend, an unnamed witness in the police affidavit, also told police that he saw Umbel punch the food runner as the two men reached the doorway of the restaurant. He also saw the food runner bleeding from the nose. The witness said that as the man fell and another witness tried to help him up, Umbel punched him again.

The food runner told police (and also told Y&H) that he became disoriented and lost consciousness. The next thing he recalls is being back in the bar, being treated for his wounds, and seeing Umbel leaving. Police were then called to the scene, and he was transported to George Washington University Hospital. The food runner says he had a black eye and a shattered cheek. He had to get four stitches on his forehead as well.

Umbel is now being charged in D.C. Superior Court with assault with significant bodily injury. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 16.

Y&H reached out to Cody Umbel at a phone number listed for him on the police affidavit. He hung up almost immediately and did not respond to another phone call. Jonathan Umbel declined to comment.

Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration spokeswoman Jessie Cornelius says her agency is also investigating the incident. A hearing was scheduled for today, and a report should be available tomorrow. Altercation aside, Bandolero does not have an entertainment endorsement which would allow it to have a DJ, but the police report says Umbel "is the DJ for the location."

The restaurant's liquor license is already under threat from a protest by the landlord, who has also been trying to evict the restaurant for unpaid rent and a series of other grievances. The restaurant also lost its chef and frontman Mike Isabella back in July. Read a more in-depth account of Bandolero's troubles here. Take a look at the complaint and police affidavit below.

Photo by Jessica Sidman

  • Jake Costillo

    I used to enjoy the food and coming here, the location couldn't get better for Georgetown! I will never come back and eat at this restaurant again. This Bandolero is a dangerous establishment and needs to be shutdown.

  • Jessica’s fan

    Jessica again captures why Bandolero (and its owners, the Umbel family) is trouble for Georgetown and D.C.

    What has to happen at this place for it to be shut down? They dump grease, they allow rodent infestations, they violate their liquor license, they assault employees, they don't pay employees, etc. How do you think a fire happened there when Hook was going down the toilet?

    WAKE UP ANC and Citizens Association of Georgetown! Bandolero needs to go.

  • Allison

    Stay classy, Umbel Family.

  • Kimberly

    This article is ridiculous. I am ashamed that our nation's capital allows for such an awful online city paper to exist. The author of this article has nothing better to do than to harass and persecute this family and family owned business. Bandolero is an excellent establishment and I recommend everyone and anyone to go there. This article sheds many lies and false accusations, and I caution those who read this article, that you are reading false statements. There are always two sides to the story, and again, Bandolero is one of the top restaurants in Washington, D.C. and is a great establishment.

  • Andrew

    Cody - First of all, why are you calling yourself Kimberly? Second, if the article is ridiculous and is spreading lies, what is the true story? It sounds like you could shed some light on the issue.

  • Truth

    This is going to be interesting....

  • Music Fan

    So I checked out Cody Umbel's soundcloud, and it seems like he sucks at the whole DJ'ing thing. Guess that explains why he took it so personally?

  • Jessica’s fan

    "Kimberly" = Bethany Umbel

    It's funny that everything I've read about the Umbels is that they regularly accuse others of lying when they themselves seem to break the law regularly.

  • Sean

    So Bethany (Kimberly) how are these lies with the police report, arrest warrant, and notice of Cody turning himself in a lie and false accusation?

  • penny lane

    I was there!!! This is how it went down word for word. So violent, so disturbing seeing this guy get the F*** beat out of him with blood everywhere. Poor guy, hope this Cody guy gets whats coming to him!

  • noodlez


  • Mike Isabella

    Stop making fun of my restaurant!

  • Beth Anne

    ^ ^ ^ BAAAHAHAHAHAHHAAAHAHAHAHA... nice try, Cody.

  • Kev29


  • Not surprised

    I used to WORK for the Umbels. They bounce checks, don't respect their employees, and are terrible managers, owners, and people. Not surprised that Isabella backed out, as have other prominent and now highly successful chefs (Barton Seaver, Andrew Markert, among others). They have all this bad luck and more coming their way, I'm just sorry that their abusive tendencies as a family had to be passed down to their children and cause physical harm to others. Cody never had a chance. To the author of the article: thanks for reporting! There's a lot of skeletons in this closet that shouldn't be ignored.

  • Why are comments being removed?

    It seems like a number of anti-Umbel comments are being removed or deleted. What's going on here?

    It's about time that information about the Umbels is being spread publicly. Kudos to the reporter. They shouldn't be in business; they should be jailed.

  • Mike Madden

    @Why are comments being removed?:

    I removed some comments that made specific, unsubstantiated allegations of illegal activity. Readers are welcome to send tips to, but we'd prefer if you didn't leave unverified allegations in the comments here.

  • Tragedy

    So sad that Bandolero is still in business. When will people realize how dangerous of an establishment this is to the public? Will it take a tragedy for the community, the courts or the police to learn about the recklessness of the Umbels?

  • B.S.

    The Umbels are a family of severe scumbags.

  • Jessica’s fan

    Any one know what happened at Bandolero on New Year's Eve? Supposedly there was another incident. Jessica, are you hearing anything?

  • critic1

    Please, I want to hear more about these ridiculously miserable people. Dishonest and dangerous...!

  • critic1

    These two idiots are Tareq and Michaelae Salahi wannabes, only not nearly so pretty. Maybe Jonathan ("am I not turtle-y enough for you?")should ask Bethany about that guy in the car in the parking lot during the football game....

  • Jessica’s fan

    @critic1 -- what do you mean by the car in the parking lot?

    Any illegal behavior there that spills over to Bandolero?

  • critic1

    @Jessica's fan

    Shouldn't go into details about the parking lot incident, and it may not be illegal depending on the local laws unless you're in view of the public, but certainly immoral and adulterous.