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Brew In Town: Chocolate City Mister Mayor Imperial Stout

Chocolate-City-Mister-Mayor-BottleChocolate City Mister Mayor Imperial Stout

Where in Town: Chocolate City Beer, 2801 8th St. NE

Price: $12/22 ounces

A Brew Direction

Chocolate City Beer, which opened in August 2011 in Brookland, is the smallest District-based brewery. Its four employees share all responsibilities, even delivering beer. When founding brewer Ben Matz left Chocolate City this summer, Noah Cowles, a local homebrewer and ex-Marine originally from Richmond, took his place. According to co-founder Jay Irizarry, the change of guard led to a burst of creative energy and the decision to release a specialty brew each month. The first came in October: an aggressively hopped, 7 percent alcohol beer called Big Chair IPA. Chocolate City’s next brew is the second in a series of fist bumps to D.C.’s own four-term “Mayor for Life,” Ward 8 D.C. Councilmember Marion Barry.

Marionberry, (D-Ore.)

Brewed with marionberries, a prized variety of blackberry from Marion County, Ore., Mister Mayor is juicy and rich. Last winter’s version—a boozy, port-like concoction—derived its primary character from seven months in Wasmund’s Whisky barrels from Virginia’s Copper Fox Distillery. This year’s “Second Term” batch, not barrel-aged, was made with seven times more berries and has more of the chocolate and roast flavors typical of imperial stouts. Mister Mayor, like the man it honors, is enduring and complex. At 9 percent alcohol and only 12 bucks a bottle, consider it a cheap, but legal, high.

Photo by Tammy Tuck

  • Allen

    This sounds great, gotta head over to the brewery to pick myself up a bottle. Can't wait to see what's "on tap" for next week!

  • Douglas

    Burst of "creative energy"? All these recipes and ideas still belong to Ben Matz. Big Chair and Mister Mayor were around before the brewery even opened the doors.

  • Tammy Tuck

    Douglas: Fair on the two I mentioned. The brewery can comment on this and the brand new beers planned for the next few months. I will note that this year's Mister Mayor shares the name but is a completely different base beer from last year's version.

  • Tommy

    Ben Matz more or less quit on the brewery, Douglas.

  • Matt

    Brookland neighbor here. Just opened the Mr. Mayor "Second Term" that I bought today, far and away a step up. Good stuff, keep'em coming.

  • Noah Cowles

    Hi Douglas, thanks for the comment. You are correct that the names Big Chair and Mr Mayor have been used by CCB in the past, but the aforementioned beers are very different from their predecessors. We'd love to have you come check out what's available now and in the future including our 8th & I Rye that will be available in mid-December.

  • Noah Cowles

    Hi Matt, thanks for the kudos. We're glad you enjoyed your Mr. Mayor Second Term and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

  • John

    Can we stop by the brewery and sample the brews or do we have to find them at other locations in DC?

  • http://n/a Guillermo

    john--based on my experience in the past, you can always stop by and taste what their crew has on tap. also, you can see what they have fermenting for future sale. the dudes I've talked to have always been helpful and full of information about all kinds of beer-related issues... just my two cents.

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