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Last Night’s Leftovers: Andy Shallal Runs for Mayor Edition


Busboys & Poets owner Andy Shallal is officially running for mayor. [Loose Lips]

The top 47 places to eat and drink [Thrillist]

"I look at some of the prices at Fiola, and now [Casa Luca], and shake my head," critic Todd Kliman says. [Washingtonian]

Hangover observations from DC Central Kitchen's star-studded Capital Food Fight [Eater]

Ramen sliders are not so great in reality. [Post]

Some Columbia Heights residents aren't too happy about having a TGI Friday's in the neighborhood. [PoPville]

Mixologist Gina Chersevani offers holiday cocktail classes. [Zagat]

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    Very funny!! This shows you how full of himself and how center minded Todd Kliman really is!! When last year I sent a comment to his chat stating Fiola prices were so incredibly high and unjustified for portions and quality he publicly replied saying "I remain high on this place" He awarded the restaurant 3 1/2 stars and placed it on third place on his 100 list. Has he tried the quality and selection at "normal" prices of Etto, Ovvio, Osteria Elisir or Ghibellina? just to name a few.......Fiola this year will drop fro m 3rd to 12th

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    I responded 11 months ago to someone called "Steph," not "Joseph," but whatever. Here's what I wrote:

    "I remain high on the place, but as I think everybody on here knows, assessments are not immutable things. They change. I visited a restaurant a couple weeks ago, a place I used to adore. It was a disaster of a visit that cost the restaurant a spot on the 100 Best list. Did I hesitate to do this? No. I felt a pang. But part of my job is to deal with what is, not what I wish to be."

    "Joseph"'s comments also imply that the rating given to Fiola came after his (or "Steph"'s) posting on my chat -- as a kind of act of defiance. The rating was given in October or November, and reflected an entire year's worth of visits and judgments, and not -- unlike what you find on Yelp or most message boards -- just one meal.

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    For more information about Andy Shallal's campaign for DC Mayor, visit, follow on Twitter at and like him on Facebook at

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