Young and Hungry

President and VP Make Hoagie Stop at Taylor Gourmet


Maybe they heard about the free cookies and discounts for government employees? President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden walked from the White House to the Taylor Gourmet at 17th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW this afternoon.

According to the hoagie chain, Obama ordered a six-inch Race Street sandwich with roasted turkey, prosciutto, pesto, and mozzarella. Biden opted for the six-inch 9th Street Italian with Genoa salami, capicola, prosciutto, and sharp provolone. Both got their sandwiches on wheat bread. With a bottle of water, a Pellegrino, and two cookies, the bill came to $21.56. Obama gave the cashier $40 in cash and said to keep the change.

Co-owner Casey Patten says he was in a meeting with his architect when he got a call letting him know about the visitors. He says all the staff got pictures, and the outing turned into an impromptu press conference with the press corps in tow.

"Everybody said it was absolutely amazing," Patten says. "Everyone in the restaurant was cheering when they came in."

The president and VP paid full price, even though the restaurant is offering free cookies and a 10 percent discount to government employees throughout the shutdown. The hoagie shop has also been advertising free career counseling as part of the deal. "I'm not sure if anyone tried to give them career counseling or not. We've been doing that a lot this week," Patten says.

This isn't the first time Obama has visited Taylor Gourmet. He stopped by the 14th Street NW location last May for a roundtable on small businesses. That time, he ordered the Spruce Street hoagie.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Corky

    The GOP members of congress need some career counseling at Taylor Gourmet. In fact, they should switch jobs. The sandwich makers at Taylor Gourmet could make better legislative decisions than a Tea Party Republican.

  • Alex

    In this clip Obama said that Americans take care of each other when he expressed his gratitude for the 10% discount for furloughed gov't workers. So, in this statement, he accidentally makes the point that when people need help, they don't need government to coddle them, that American's will see people in need and help them. You can even see it on his face when he realizes that he is praising private citizens rather than government, so he warps it into a "so...republicans, uh, gotta get back to work and do something for the people". its really sad that he can see the reality, and call it like it is, but is unwilling to admit his ideology is wrong in its effort to extend government, even when its clear how quickly people react compared to government.

    I'm not suggesting that we cut all social programs cold turkey in America, but if they didn't exist, I believe the people who care about those issues where people are in need would create organizations with their money, rather than funneling that money into greedy politicans' campaigns with little to no promise of results. They should do that now, and quit taking their interests to a collection of humans historically most likely to drop the ball on the cause about which they are so passionate.

  • sbc

    Yeah, but Americans need health care, not 10% cookies. I'm not sure that if Medicare and Medicaid were abolished the Taylor folks would be willing or able to efficiently pick up the slack.

  • monkeyrotica

    Half Kenyan Lizard Man Eats Sandwiches, Drinks Foreign Water WHILE AMERICA SUFFERS.