Young and Hungry

Burger Ring

D.C.’s appetite for truffled french fries and secret sauces shows no sign of abating. Years after BGR, Shake Shack, Black & Orange, Good Stuff Eatery, and their ilk landed in the District, a new crop of “better burger” joints is joining the competition. How to tell them apart? With this chart, obviously.

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  • Corky

    For the money, Smashburger is tops. BGR is damn good too, but can be pricey. Black and Orange is simply awful.

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  • MC

    I believe Kraze Burger is coming to SE on Barrack's Row, not NW (or in addition to)

  • tntdc

    Tried Smashburger today. Awful. Tasted raw.

    Black and Orange for me. Well-done, topped with blue cheese.

  • Darian

    TD burgers are the best. Their Obama burger is full of flavor