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Baltimore Disses D.C.’s Food Scene

brauInsulting D.C.'s food scene isn't a pastime for only New Yorkers. Baltimoreans have a chip on their shoulder, too. The latest evidence: “100 Reasons Why Baltimore Is Better Than D.C.” from the Baltimore Sun's weekly mag b. Let's take a look at a few of their jabs:

81. Waiting in line for an hour for a damn cupcake?! You're joking, right?

Don't blame us; they're tourists. Probably from Baltimore.

51. None of this fancy wedding cake stuff. Our brides and grooms keep it real (and superior, dessert-wise) with Dangerously Delicious pies.

50. They really are dangerously delicious.

D.C. also has Dangerously Delicious pies. In fact, we have three locations (Chinatown, H Street NE, Union Station). Baltimore has just the one shop.

38. Politics, schmolitics. We take important things seriously, like our beer: Heavy Seas, Flying Dog, Resurrection, Union Craft Brewing.

News flash: Flying Dog isn't in Baltimore. In fact, its Frederick facility is slightly closer to D.C. than Baltimore. And trust me, we take our beer very seriously.

73. Our dive bars are actual dive bars — not what a corporation thinks a dive bar should look like.

Don't hold what happened to Hawk 'n' Dove against us. There are plenty of legit dive bars here.

66. We can get reservations at our restaurants.

Damn it. OK, we give you that.

Cover photo via the Baltimore Sun 

  • Barry Morase

    I do love the lump Crab cakes at Baltimore's Lexington Market.

  • RT

    Baltimore's food scene is tiny and mediocre, by their own admission most of the time. Even their best chef, at Woodberry Kitchen, implied it lacked energy. Probably like ours back in 1995. It'll probably turn around, but it's not even to the level of a place like Charlottesville, with dozens of good to great places to eat.

    That whole magazine issue smacks of an inferiority complex and is exhibit A on why its bunk.

  • Phil

    I'd say "Fuck Baltimore," but I'm afraid I'd wind up with the clap.


  • http://mine bishop

    "We take important things seriously, like our beer" uhm you guys must have forgot Natty Boh or due want to sweep that under the rug? and we do have DC Brau, the only thing the armpit city of the world ever got right was crab cakes, but they do have more junkies per capita than us